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The future road map for comprehensive development, marketing and agricultural production will be presented in the next three months: Lieutenant Governor

SRINAGAR//Lt Governor Manoj Sinha inaugurated a workshop on ‘New Horizons of Sheep and Goat Farming in Tribal Community: Challenges and Opportunities’ at SKICC on Saturday. He highlighted the reforms introduced to modernize, promote and strengthen commercial activities and production of the sector which provides livelihood to around 12 lakh families. boasts of higher per capita consumption of sheep/goat meat and hence we import about 40% of our requirements from other states to meet this huge demand. The Lt Governor said that this huge demand for mutton/goat meat from our people, is more of an opportunity than a challenge as it provides huge scope for sheep and goat farmers. The Lt Governor said that the government has With New Zealand to develop a model sheep farming system through improved breeding practices, technology transfer, doubling wool and meat production, marketing, capacity building and ensuring additional income for sheep farmers. It is a partnership.

The Lieutenant Governor said that Jammu and Kashmir has got the honor of having the best breed of sheep in the country and it is once again a matter of honor that we have 50% of the breed population of the country. We are the largest wool producers in the country. are second and first in terms of the quality of wool produced. The Lt. Governor said that wool processing has not been done as it should have been but our government is very concerned about it. And many workable solutions are under the consideration of the government which will be brought into the public domain very soon. The Lt. Governor said that the government is committed to take the sector to new heights and make the sector more dynamic, profitable, market oriented, employment oriented. A high-level APEX committee headed by one of the country’s top scientists and policy makers, Dr. Mangala Rai, has already been constituted for the all-round development of agriculture and allied sectors. has been given He added that the committee has started deliberations and is working to come up with a future roadmap for inclusive growth, value addition, marketing strategies and sustainable production of the sector in the next three months. Addressing the demands and problems of the Lt. Governor announced that the UT government will construct 1000 sheds for the cattle of the tribal community. He added that 50 self-help groups would get Rs 3.00 lakh each for gin sets and a solar-based sharing machine for “Dhok”. . He further said that health cards for disease prevention and control measures and a comprehensive health surveillance policy will also be developed. The Lieutenant Governor said that today’s brainstorming session of agricultural scientists, experts and tribal community members. The results will be objectively evaluated and incorporated into government policies to be implemented on the ground for the benefit of all stakeholders. Our aim is to increase livestock productivity and production in a sustainable manner, said the Lt. Governor. and to focus on the untapped potential of exports and value-added products. The Lt. Governor said that high genetic potential breeds of sheep, exotic breeds for crossbreeding, marketing facilities and ways to prevent local disease problems. The car will improve the sheep farming sector as a whole and improve the socio-economic status of a large majority of our livestock producers.

The Prime Minister turned 72 years old
Happy birthday to Sinha
SRINAGAR// Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his birthday. He also prayed for long life and good health of the Prime Minister. It may be recalled that Prime Minister Narendra Modi turned 72 on Saturday. . He was born on September 17, 1950 in Mehsana district of North Gujarat. Manoj Sinha congratulated the Prime Minister on this occasion and said in one of his tweets, “Congratulations to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his birthday.” He said in a tweet, “I am praying for his long life and good health.” Let’s decide.”