Zanai Bhosle Pictures: Not doing the magic of his voice, Asha Bhosle granddaughter, but his dear granddaughter Zanai Bhosle. Yes, Asha Bhosle’s granddaughter Zanai is winning everyone’s heart these days with her strong looks and beautiful style. Janai is the daughter of Asha Bhosle’s son Anand Bhosle, who is beautiful as well as glamorous and has a wonderful voice like her grandmother. Since childhood, Janai dance, brought up in the pampering of Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle and Usha Mangeshkar, also does a lot of dance. So let’s see some of his amazing pictures which will make a home in your heart.Also Read – Shahrukh Khan resorted to body double for a stunt in Brahmastra, unseen picture surfaced

Zanai Bhosle is the daughter of Anand and Anuja, who is a topper in singing as well as acting. That’s why Asha Bhosle aspires to become an actress. Let us tell you that Asha Bhosle had married RD Burman for the second time, but both had children. Asha Tai had three children from her husband Anand Bhosle, Varsha Bhosle and Hemant Bhosle and Aai Tai is spending her life with them. Also Read – The man was trying to touch Urfi Javed in the crowd, the actress became a victim of molestation in the club

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Let us tell you that apart from being beautiful and glamorous, she also has a wonderful voice like grandmother Asha Bhosle. 20-year-old Janai, like her grandmother, wants to take the musical legacy far and wide. Janai came into limelight at the age of just 14 by singing a song for India’s first transgender band (6 Pack Band).

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Apart from this, a song of Janai is available on YouTube, which he has dedicated to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Last year in 2020, Janai also launched his YouTube channel during the lockdown. However, these days Janai is also in discussion about her acting debut. Let us tell you that Janai has learned acting skills from famous theater and actress Shabana Azmi, now Asha Bhosle also wants her darling granddaughter to step into the acting world.

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