After hearing this thing from Akshay, everyone present there was surprised. Actually, in talks, Akshay calls Kapil a ‘serial killer’. Akshay and Kapil had a lot of fun together during the show. It is also known to everyone that Akshay and Kapil share a very good bond. He often pulls Akshay, Kapil Sharma’s leg a lot during the show.

Something similar happened in the middle of the show, where Akshay was seen pulling her leg. During the show, Kapil asked Akshay who is a serial killer? Responding to his question, Akshay thinks for a while and then says that ‘the biggest serial killer is this, how many shows (serials) have you closed? Have you got many serials closed, haven’t you?’.

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After hearing this from Akshay, the judge of the show Archana Puran Singh started laughing and laughing. At the same time, the people present there also started laughing a lot. After this, Kapil Sharma answers this question of Akshay and says that ‘we even take breaks in between’. After this Akshay asks ‘Why does he take a break?’. After this Kapil says that ‘we also have a family’.

On this, Akshay once again asks, ‘Then when the show does, where does the family go?’, in response to which Kapil says, ‘Have you come to trap me?’. Please tell that this part of Kapil’s show is uncensored, which has been shared on YouTube. This video which is going viral is being liked a lot. Along with this, a lot of comments are also coming on the video.

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