Along with modern education, religious studies are also important – The Kashmir News

Mujtada Raza Khan
It is clear as day that the Muslim nation is giving priority only to westernization and showing distaste for religious education in order to acquire modern knowledge, while religious knowledge is in dire need in this age of temptation. On the one hand, the anti-Islam forces are busy trying to destroy the lives and property of Muslims. On the other hand, religious temptations are undermining our actions and our beliefs, and those who wear the cloak of Islam and cheat on our faith and make us hollow. have been, our nation is proving to be unable to recognize their temptations. Nowadays, the impression is being made that if we get religious knowledge, we will always live in poverty, if we become scholars, worldly glory. And wealth and capital will be lost. Therefore, the entire Muslim Ummah is trapped in the delusion of these kinds of false illusions and thoughts. The reason is that people do not trust in the person of Allah, but have started trusting only in causes, although we have many scholars who have been blessed by Allah with countless wealth, through whom they are spreading the religion. are
When we think about it, we will know that the Almighty and Sustainer is the person of Allah Almighty, He gives honor and exaltation to whom He wills. He humiliates whomever He wants, so what is the use of such an education which cannot protect your beliefs and actions, which will take you away from Shariat-e-Mustafa (peace be upon him). Through which you become an instrument of anti-Islam forces instead of fighting them, through which education you cannot defend yourself and your family and your society and the Muslim Ummah from religious temptations. Therefore, there is a dire need for us to get modern education as well as religious education. Let us acquire knowledge so that we can protect our beliefs and actions in a good way. Put your complete trust in the Self of Allah Ta’ala and try to gain His pleasure. When we look at the nation, it is clear that many people have acquired high education in worldly terms, but unfortunately, they do not even know how to read Kalma Tayyaba properly. They are ignorant of the essential issues of purity and prayer, they cannot read even the smallest surahs of the Holy Qur’an properly and correctly. They cannot distinguish between halal and halal, and sometimes, due to ignorance, they utter blasphemous words with their tongues.
It is obvious that when we do not learn to perform ablution and ghusl correctly, all the prayers we perform with this ablution and ghusl will be in vain and its repetition will be obligatory and necessary. If we don’t even know how to get rewards, then it is pointless to struggle for such sciences through which we cannot distinguish between haram and halal. Through which we cannot solve the problems that are related to the needs of religion and our daily life. Enlighten so that we can be the defenders of the true religion of Islam. remember ! The life of this world is four days, then return to the eternal home, so always arrange where to stay.
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