Also it is written ‘No one is younger and cooler than this on the coffee couch’. Karan further writes ‘This pair will create a riot in the next episode!!! #HotstarSpecials #KoffeeWithKaranS7, Episode 11 will be streaming this Thursday at 12:00 AM only on Disney+ Hotstar. Also, in the video, Karan is seen having a lot of fun with both the stars.

During this, he asks Anil Kapoor the secret of his youth. Karan asks Anil ‘What makes him feel young?’. While answering this question, the actor says ‘sex-sex-sex’. Varun is also surprised after hearing such an answer from him. The promo video is becoming very viral on social media.

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Also, in the promo video, both are seen talking about marriage, relationships and competition in the industry. After this Varun says with the animated Woof that ‘If I cheat on my wife, my dog ​​will bark and tell her!’. Also Varun Dhawan shares his experience regarding his marriage.

After this, Anil Kapoor is also seen talking about his experience of 40 years of marriage, his marriage and wife. Anil says that ‘You have to praise your wife and do such things, which will make her happy. It is also important to consider how she makes you happy.

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