Artist Wolfgang Prinz reveals paintings of the TV star in “Franziskaner”. |

Michaela May has been waiting 20 years for a picture of her

Munich – A painting by TV star Michaela May (70) could get into the Guinness Book of Records!

Reason: Artist Wolfgang Prinz (72) took 20 years to create the first work in his planned “Prince’s Beauties” series. Only then was he satisfied with the result.

The picture was unveiled Tuesday night. In the “Zum Franziskaner” tavern, in front of 70 guests, including Roncalli boss Bernhard Paul, Bavaria’s Minister of Justice Georg Eisenreich and singer Günther Sigl (“Spider Murphy Gang”).

Michaela May was one of the first to sit as a model for Wolfgang Prinz and his idea – in 2000. She felt flattered, but: “It always took a few hours and it was exhausting,” remembers the TV star. “At some point I said: now take a photo and then paint from the picture”.

Said and done. 20 years later, the artist liked his result – and he presented it to the public. But not to put on the brush again shortly before the unveiling, for a few strokes. Just a perfectionist.

Luck for Prince: “I think you recognize me,” said May, laughing. And revealed that her husband, director Bernd Schadewald, jokingly said on the drive to the unveiling: “If I don’t like it, I’ll get up and leave.”

It’s good that things turned out differently. And so we could really celebrate with suckling pig and char fillet. And with a musical premiere: Bernie Paul has re-recorded his successful hit “Oh no no” with a Bavarian text and appropriate sound mix, making it suitable for the Oktoberfest, and is entering the race for the Oktoberfest hit 2022 with this version.

The first Oktoberfest tent bands (e.g. in the Schützenzelt) have already secured the grades, the catchy tune “Was is des” will probably not be escaped at the Oktoberfest.

Let’s see if the audience votes Bernie Paul’s remix a hit…

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