Dispute at the Bayreuth Festival |

Can the Wagner heiress censor the word “Führer”?

Bayreuth – At the Bayreuth Festival, a dispute about the word “Führer” flared up. Conductor Christian Thielemann (63) criticizes the deletion of the word from “Lohengrin”.

“Excuse me, but where are we going? Then you can change a lot more right away, the whole “Lohengrin” is full of such passages, “For German land, the German sword”, all that,” he said in an interview with the “Welt” and speaks of a “”leader”. -Scandal”. “That’s what it says in Richard Wagner’s score.”

After this year’s dress rehearsal, Katharina Wagner asked tenor Klaus Florian Vogt, who sang the title role, to replace the word “Führer” with “Schützer” at the end of Richard Wagner’s opera about the Swan Knight. “It’s a common substitute,” Wagner told the German Press Agency on Wednesday.

“A lot of houses use the word “protector” and we in Bayreuth should be particularly sensitive because we have a special political background and therefore a special responsibility.”

“Then you can’t play Tosca anymore either”

The Bayreuth Festival has a dark history. National Socialism and the Wagners – that was an unholy alliance at the time. Adolf Hitler was a permanent guest at the festival.

Thielemann goes the deletion but still too far. He also sees other works of opera literature in danger: “Then you can no longer play “Tosca” with the attempted rape, murder and so on,” he told the “Welt”.

“When I see the meticulousness with which this is being carried out, I would expect conservative politicians to say: Now let’s make sure that the country functions properly before we think about which works of world literature could be rewritten .”

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