Better management of waqf property is commendable – The Kashmir News

Ever since Dr. Derakhshan Andrabi assumed the post of Chairperson of Jammu and Kashmir Waqf Board, the Waqf Board has been in the news because the head of the Waqf Board is not only constantly visiting and inspecting the waqf properties and pilgrimages, but it is being said that by removing the neighbors from shrines and monasteries, it is From the plains of Jammu to Peer Panchal and Chenab and from north to south in Kashmir, the whirlwind visits of the head of the waqf are giving the impression that now there may be someone who inherits the waqf. This is a matter of satisfaction. Happily, now the Waqf Board is planning to build a cancer hospital in a part of Eidgah Srinagar in collaboration with private partners and also plans to take over the Islamic University of Science and Technology. All these measures are promising and certainly the need for such measures has been felt for a long time, however, where the Waqf Board administration under the leadership of the Waqf Board head is engaged in harassing the neighbors and tenants of shrines and monasteries, the Waqf administration is We should not close our eyes to the illegal occupation of land that has been going on for years. Since Dr. Andrabi has been the Waqf head for several months now, he must be aware that there is illegal occupation of thousands of kanals of Waqf land in Kashmir and the entire Jammu province. According to official statistics. According to this, the total waqf land in Jammu province covers 35497 kanals, 6 marla and 181 square feet, out of which 27290 kanals are vacant, while 8207 kanals of land have been occupied illegally.

In Jammu city alone, there are 74 people who are illegally occupying waqf properties. Apart from this, 59 people are occupying 64 kanals and 15 kanals and 3 marla of 13 marla lands under Khasra numbers 728, 729, 731 in the village of Gol Panj Pir in Jammu city. In rural Jammu, 24 people are occupying awqaf properties under Field Inspector Rural. Whereas in Akhnoor Tehsil of Jammu district, 49 people are occupying waqf properties and rates were fixed for assigning ownership rights for this land under Roshni Scheme. In Akhnur tehsil itself, government departments have seized hundreds of kanals of land at 24 places. It is noteworthy that these departments include Education Department, Police, Army, Custodian Jammu, Rural Development Department, Public Works Department, Military Engineering and other departments, while the tomb covering 65 kanals of land in the village called Meeran Jagir has not been spared. There too, the education department has started construction of school buildings illegally. In RS Pura tehsil, the local residents have illegally occupied arable land including 25 cemeteries and mosque premises at 26 places and this land covers hundreds of kanals. While in the same tehsil, the education department has taken about 101 kanals for the purpose of establishing schools at 16 places in the same tehsil. 19 Marla land has been brought under its jurisdiction. Similarly, the Irrigation Department has also taken an oath not to be left behind in this ‘kar khair’, washing its hands in the flowing Ganga in the name of erecting tubewells and other construction structures, and has illegally occupied about 27 kanals of 1 marla land, while R. S. Pura. In 4 locations including Khaira, Bin Sultan, Burial Brahmana, Garani, the army has illegally taken over 102 kanals of land. Public works, irrigation and flood prevention departments have occupied 30 kanals of 6 marla land in RS Pora itself. In Jammu province’s Poonch district, the Defense Department of the Government of India has illegally occupied 465 kanals of 18 marla land in Haveli, Golpur, Jalus, Slatri, Khantir, Samut, Kota, Sagar, Mankot, Basoni, Balakot and Dhruti.

Poonch helipad, which is a Waqf property, is illegally occupied while around 50 kanal graveyard in Balakot is occupied by the army. These statistics make it clear that waqf properties, be they land or buildings, are in illegal possession to a large extent in Jammu province and the tragedy is that even Muslim graveyards and mosques have not been spared and when the occupiers If the details are known, it is found that this work is the work of self-government departments and forces agencies. It was brought and the price lists were also set. The question arises whether there is any legal legitimacy to bring the waqf land or property into personal possession in this way? And they are claiming every day that every inch of waqf land will be recovered, so it can be hoped that they will try to ensure this matter by taking personal interest in stopping the chain of monkey distribution of waqf properties in the entire Jammu province. That waqf properties in Jammu province should be freed from illegal occupants to ensure better use of this land b Dr. Andrabi, as a dedicated head, is above political constraints and benefits, so there are high expectations from her and it is a test for her that she will solve this serious issue that is hanging on the hopes of the people.