Bushido’s wife Anna-Maria falls ill |

“Now my family takes care of me”

Rapper Bushido (43) is with his wife Anna-Maria (40), their seven children and Sack und Pack just after Dubai drawn.

The family tries to settle in as best they can. And now this: “At the moment I’m sick and this time it really blew my mind,” Anna-Maria shares with her fans on Instagram.

The lines she writes and also the photo of a wheelchair, which, as she states, “is currently my companion on longer journeys”, give cause for concern.

Anna-Maria Ferchichi sometimes needs a wheelchair, she writes on Instagram

Anna-Maria Ferchichi needs a wheelchair for some ways, she writes on Instagram

Photo: Instagram/anna_maria_ferchichis

“I started our new life with completely different expectations and then feeling so slowed down threw me into a small hole,” writes Anna-Maria. She does not write anything about what health problems she has exactly.

However, she explains that the timing is just bad: “We gave away EVERYTHING, our entire household, with all the trimmings, to friends. That means we have to get things new here from AZ. Setting up the house, getting school supplies for 4 children, taking care of babies, going for walks, driving the children, shopping, etc. … I can’t do all that at the moment. I felt soooo bad leaving my husband to do everything alone.”

Anna-Maria writes her suffering from her soul on Instagram.  Your fans are worried about Bushido's wife

Anna-Maria writes her suffering from her soul on Instagram. Your fans are worried about Bushido’s wife

Photo: Instagram/anna_maria_ferchichis

Anna-Maria feels so sick that her husband Bushido (born Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi) has to take over.

“But lo and behold … it works without me,” says the mother of eight. “Not the way I do things, but things are done. And I’m happy to see how well the children and Anis manage everything without me. We have loving support for the three mice.”

It was the first time “that we swapped sides,” says Anna-Maria. “Now my family takes care of me. It was a big problem for me to let go and embrace it.”

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And it’s not even the fact of “being sick” that throws her on the track. “But not being able to do justice to my obsessive perfectionism. I want to be strong for everything and everyone at all times, and I’m almost ashamed when I’m not.”

Anna-Maria: “I think there is a lot to work through.”

Anna Maria Ferchichi

Anna-Maria Ferchichi is ill. The fans wish her a speedy recovery

Photo: instagram/anna_maria_ferchichi

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Source: Instagram @anna_maria_ferchichi


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