Carrot juice for weight loss: For weight loss, dieticians and experts hand over many types of exercises, diet plans and a complete list of what to do, what not to do. However, it becomes a bit difficult to follow all this in a tight work schedule. People do not understand what to do for fast weight loss after all. If you are also planning to lose weight, then include carrot juice in your daily diet. Carrot juice is rich in fiber as well as nitrates. Which helps the body to lose weight.

Carrot Juice Nutrients

Adequate amount of fiber is found in carrot juice. It also contains vitamin A, carotene, beta and anti-oxidants. Apart from this, carrot juice is considered a good source of vitamins A, C, K, B8, iron. Drinking carrot juice regularly improves blood circulation to the body.

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carrot juice for weight loss by expert

How Carrot Juice Lose Weight

Carrot is a good source of fiber

Carrot juice is rich in fiber, which makes the stomach feel full for a long time. Feeling full for a long time reduces the craving for extra food. Also you avoid overeating. Which helps in controlling the weight.

Vitamin A is found in carrots

Carrot juice is also rich in vitamin A which can help you lose weight. If you consume carrot juice on an empty stomach in the morning, then the body gets extra energy during the workout.

Boosts immunity

Carrot juice contains Vitamin-C which helps in boosting immunity. Carrots are considered a good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is considered very important for weight loss.

Carrots are a source of antioxidants

Carrot juice may increase the antioxidant effect in the body and reduce lipid peroxidation (the effect of free radicals on the body’s lipids). Drinking carrot juice regularly helps in weight loss.

When to consume carrot juice for weight loss

Carrot juice has a cooling effect, so it is always recommended to consume it in the morning after breakfast or lunch. Consuming carrot juice in breakfast is considered the best for weight loss. Do not consume carrot juice at night for weight loss or in any case.

If you are pregnant or suffering from any other disease, consult a doctor before consuming carrot juice. Doctors and health experts do not recommend drinking more than 4 to 5 glasses of juice in a week.

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