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Is Cathy looking for a new soccer player here?

Cathy Hummels (34) was with soccer star Mats (33) for 14 years, cheering him on from the audience – until the breakup. Now she returns to the lawn that means the world and everyone is cheering for Cathy! In a red mini dress, the moderator at the edge of the field draws everyone’s attention. A golden eye-catcher: a thick gold chain with the lettering “LA” hangs around Cathy’s neck.

THE indication of where the Munich resident is: Cathy attended a Los Angeles FC game at the weekend, the major league leaders played against Real Salt Lake and the ex-player’s wife brought luck to the club. Los Angeles won 2-0.

Cathy on the sidelines of the LA game - always with a camera

Cathy on the sidelines of the LA game – always with a camera

Photo: Instagram/cathyhummels

“Am I a WAG again? The game at the LAFC stadium was super special,” writes Cathy Hummels to an Instagram post. WAG stands for “wives and girlfriends of high-profile sportsmen”.

But Cathy’s question is probably not meant to be taken seriously. Because she’s not on the road in LA to catch men, but professionally. BILD white, Cathy Hummels is shooting a docu-soap for RTLZWEI. The broadcaster accompanies the presenter privately and professionally over a longer period of time, including now in the USA.

This fan is a real LA mascot and put Cathy's likeness on his cheek

This fan is a real LA mascot and put Cathy’s likeness on his cheek

Photo: Instagram/cathyhummels

The camera didn’t leave Cathy’s side during the foot game in LA either. The presenter was allowed to get very close to the field, enjoyed VIP treatment and was even allowed to fly a real falcon before the game.

Highlight: A crazy fan proudly showed Cathy his cheek: the portrait of the woman from Munich was stuck there. America loves Cathy!

Cathy is still making Los Angeles unsafe until September 10th, then the moderator, who is traveling in America with Papa Fredi, son Ludwig (4) and two friends, is going back to Germany.

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