Bharatiya Janata Party Jammu and Kashmir Unit President Ravinder Raina says that government officials involved in bribery and fraud will not be spared under any circumstances. will not tolerate. He expressed these things while talking to reporters here on Tuesday. He said that the present central government has started a crackdown against those involved in bribery and corruption. SI Exams Responding to a question about rigging and raids by the CBI, Mr. Raina said that strict action would be taken against those who do wrong. The government official will not be spared. According to him, the central government under the leadership of Modiji will not tolerate corruption and bribery under any circumstances. The said BJP leader said that in the CI and other exams. The investigation of the frauds is being done by the CBI and strict action will be taken against anyone found involved. He further said that wrongdoers will not be tolerated anymore.

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