Sometimes we do not feel like drinking water again and again. But because everyone talks about keeping the body hydrated. That’s why we all try to drink enough water, but miss out at times. So we have the solution for your problem. Because it is not necessary to always drink water to maintain hydration. That’s why today we have brought for you the refreshing recipe of Coconut Lemonade Recipe.

This recipe is not a normal lemonade recipe, but a special recipe made with Coconut Water and Coconut Cream, which has a mild lemon flavor.

To make Coconut Lemonade you need

coconut water 1 cup
coconut cream cup
Lemon juice 2 tbsp
honey 2 tbsp
2-4+ basil leaves for garnishing
lemon slices to garnish

How to make Coconut Lemonade

Take lemon juice in a bowl. Add honey and coconut cream and mix well. Add coconut water and mix again.

Add chopped basil leaves and mix well.

Coarsely chop the coconut pulp and pour into individual serving glasses. Then pour the drink and serve garnished with lemon slices and basil leaves.

Coconut Pali is a gut friendly drink. Image: Shutterstock

Know the nutritional value of this drink

Calorie : 234 kcal
Carbohydrates: 3.8 grams
Protein: 36.9 grams
Fat: 7.9 grams
Other : Calcium – 100.5mg

Know how this coconut lemonade is beneficial for you

1. This recipe is perfect for maintaining proper hydration in the body. It has the right amount of Vitamin C and electrolytes, which will fill you up with freshness.

2. Also, this recipe contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, which will nourish you and help bring a great glow to the skin too.

3. In this recipe we have used honey instead of sugar. So it can give a healthy start to your day.

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