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Comedian Gives Right-Wing “Fan” Money Back!

Cologne – Comedian Bastian Bielendorfer (38) doesn’t understand fun at all with some “fans” …

At the weekend, the “Let’s Dance” star recorded his new comedy program for RTL in front of 1,200 people in Duisburg. Now he is complaining online: In addition to friendly messages from satisfied viewers, the man from Cologne also received a complaint about his jokes that shoot against the AfD in the Bundestag.

The profile of his studio visitor shuddered the Cologne native: “Such a mixture of right-wing bullshit, conspiracy theories and just hate for everyone who is weak, poor or not like you.”

Bielendorfer immediately asked the viewer for her account number – and refunded her the ticket price, he says. In addition, he wants to donate ten times as much to the DRK refugee aid.

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Bielendorfer: “I don’t want to earn a cent with a ticket that you bought. Please don’t ever come to any of my shows again!”

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