Defense Minister Rajnath Singh termed the logistics system in the defense sector as very important to meet the security challenges and said that the government is working with determination to build a self-reliant and strong logistics system in the country. Today, the army is here. Addressing the first logistics seminar organized by the, Mr. Singh said that apart from meeting the security requirements, a strong logistics system is also an important requirement for the country’s economy. He said that the role of logistics and supply chain management in daily life cannot be ignored in any way. In the future, be it the battlefield or the civil sector, the importance of the logistics system is going to increase. He said, “A strong, secure and prompt logistics supply system is very important to take a country’s economy to new heights.” The role of logistics in the defense sector is also very important. Among the policy changes that have taken place in the Ministry of Defense in the last three years, the integration between the three forces is an important one. There is a need for logistics. This allows one army to utilize the resources of the other without interruption and at a faster pace. He also stressed the need for integration in the training of the three forces. He said that our effort is That there should be an exchange of resources between the three forces so that resources can be used optimally. He mentioned the formation of the Department of Military Affairs. Through this, the integration of forces is being done rapidly and it will benefit the logistics sector a lot. Integration will be required in terms of industrial backup, research and development, material play, industry and manpower. The Defense Minister said that the government has formulated several important policies to integrate the logistics system in the country and make it ‘self-reliant’. This includes emphasis on infrastructure development through National Logistics Policy, PM Gati Shakti Platform and other initiatives. He said, “Apart from the PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan, the government has taken swift steps in this direction realizing the importance of logistics and infrastructure facilities.

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