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The European Space Agency has prepared a complete map of possible water reserves on Mars, which will play an important role in meeting the water needs of astronauts for future missions. According to experts, through this water, we will not only be able to understand Mars, but it will also help us to estimate suitable places for sending human missions. This map has been prepared by experts from the space agency and NASA from other mission investigations.

It is basically a map showing minerals where water can exist in any condition. The features here have been carved by flowing water in the past and salts may be present in addition to silt. When water flows over stones and rocks, different types of silt or silt are formed.

If the water content is low, smectite and vermiculite form and the rock retains its properties. When the water is high, it has a greater effect on the rocks and sometimes aluminum-rich minerals such as kaolin are formed. Astronomers have discovered about 1,000 such places on Mars in ten years, while there are millions of places where we can see the ancient past of the planet, it is also known that water played an important role in the formation of the planet Mars .

But is there water on Mars or not? It is yet to be determined and the new Martian map will be very helpful in this, it is also known that different types of silt, silt and salts are more than scientists expected. This will help map the mineralization of Mars itself. This research will greatly facilitate future Mars projects and proper landing of Mars rovers.

Meanwhile, according to a new study, the melting ice sheet in Greenland could increase the sea level by about one foot. According to a study, the current sea level would rise by about 11 inches due to the melting of 3.3 percent of the ice sheet. The causes of sea level rise include large amounts of water coming down from the sky (in whatever form), snow sliding off mountains and falling into the sea (ice discharge) and melting of snow. Water is included.

The melting of the Greenland ice sheet is the main source of current sea level rise and has been occurring since the 1980s. The research, led by Jason Box of the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland in Copenhagen, spans two decades of measurements.

Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland researchers say that even if the whole world stopped burning fossil fuels today, 10,000 trillion tons of ice would melt in Greenland. In the study, the researchers clearly stated that the sea level will rise by 2100 due to the melting of the ice. Although the study only dealt with the Greenland ice sheet, it did not include other glaciers in Antarctica.