Weight Loss Foods: A balanced diet plays an important role in reducing weight. Many people consider the combination of protein and carbs beneficial for weight loss. It is believed that this mixture is also beneficial in controlling the sugar level. Consuming protein helps in building muscle mass and with the help of carbs, the body functions properly. In this article, we will know whether the combination of protein and carbs helps in weight loss or not. For better information on this subject we have Dr Seema Yadav, MD Physician, Care Institute of Life Sciences, Lucknow talked to.

Does Protein-Carbohydrate Combination Help in Weight Loss?

Consuming this combination helps in weight loss. Carbohydrates are necessary to provide energy to the body. If you are losing weight, then the body will need energy to exercise. By not consuming carbs, you will get tired quickly and will not be able to prepare the body to work hard. On the other hand, by not consuming carbs, you feel hungry again and again, due to which you can become a victim of overeating. Protein helps in building muscle mass, increases metabolism and helps in burning calories. To avoid the obstacles being created in weight loss, it is necessary to take a combination of proteins and carbohydrates. next we will tell you Protein-carbs food options,

dry fruits for weight loss

1. Mix dry fruits

Consuming mixed dry fruits helps in reducing weight. If you are looking for a combination of protein and carbs, then mix nuts like almonds, walnuts, pistachios and eat them.

2. Roti and Dal

To lose weight, instead of eating fancy food, eat fresh homemade lentils and roti. This is the best combination of protein and carbs. Lentils contain a good amount of protein and healthy carbs are found in roti. A good amount of fiber is also found in lentils and roti.

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3. Oats and Nuts

Another great combination of protein and carbs. Oats and nuts contain both carbs and protein. This combination helps in weight loss. A good amount of fiber is found in this mixture. It also contains antioxidants. Consuming a combination of oats and nuts keeps the stomach full for a long time. You can eat oats and nuts for breakfast in the morning.

4. Yogurt and Fruit

Eat 1 bowl of curd and chopped fruits in breakfast in the morning. In fruits you can include strawberry, orange, chikoo, guava, papaya, apple etc. Yogurt has a good amount of protein and calcium as compared to milk. Consuming this combination will improve digestion and help in weight loss.

5. Vegetable and Roti Rolls

By eating multigrain roti and vegetable rolls, your body can also get nutrients like protein and carbs. The amount of fat in this combination is very less. Being a lot of vegetables, it also contains a good amount of fiber. By eating roti and vegetable rolls, the stomach feels full for a long time.

6. Egg and Multigrain Bread

To lose weight, you can consume eggs and multigrain bread in breakfast. The body will get healthy carbs from multigrain bread and eggs have a good amount of protein. You can eat 2 breads with 1 egg.

7. Chicken and Vegetables

Chicken is considered a combination of protein and carbs. With this you eat a bowl of salad. Salad contains a good amount of vitamins and fiber. Give preference to fresh and seasonal vegetables. Antioxidants are present in salad. You can consume this combination twice a week.

8. Yogurt and Cinnamon

To lose weight, take curd and cinnamon. It is a good combination of protein and carbs. Cinnamon contains carbs and yogurt contains protein. You will also get a good amount of calcium and vitamin D in this combination. This combination is also beneficial for the digestive system.

Protein-carbs combination Helps in weight loss. You can have this combination in breakfast. Include the right amount and exercise in the routine.

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