Fierce conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, 50 dead

Arch rivals will sign ceasefire agreement: Russia
Will take matter to Security Council: France
Yerevan/: Sept 31 (AGENCIES) Armenia’s government has said that 50 of its soldiers were killed in clashes along the border with Azerbaijan on Tuesday. This is the worst clash between the two neighbors in two years. Russia, on the other hand, has expressed hope that arch rivals will soon reach a ceasefire agreement, while France says it will take the matter to the UN Security Council. President Emmanuel McEwan says that ‘France will present the current situation to the UN Security Council, which it currently presides.’ According to the report, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashanyan on Tuesday said about the casualties that “these are the final numbers.” Similarly, Turkey has asked Armenia to stop “provocative actions” against Azerbaijan following the latest conflict. Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavus wrote in his tweet after a telephone conversation with Azerbaijan’s Foreign Minister Jehon Bayramov that “Armenia should stop provocative actions and focus on the ongoing dialogue for peace and cooperation with Azerbaijan.” ” Armenia has appealed for help from world leaders, saying Azerbaijan’s forces were advancing into Armenian territories, leading to deadly clashes. It should be noted that there are ongoing conflicts in the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Armenia and Azerbaijan and Monday’s clash between the border forces of these two countries is a major event after the 2020 war. “The Azerbaijani military continues to target military and civilian buildings with artillery, trench mortars and drones,” Armenia’s foreign ministry said on Tuesday. Enemy is trying to advance in our territory.