After whistles and Zoff with fans |

Sobottka goes on a cuddle course!

In the 2-2 game against Fürth in the penultimate home game, Marcel Sobottka (28) whistled against his own fans.

Now the midfielder goes on a cuddle course!

Sobottka: “The 2000 was said out of emotion and was expressed as a complete exaggeration. I only meant a few. Most of the fans support us and cheer us on.”

Background: After the Fürth game, Sobottka said: “I’d rather have 2,000 fewer spectators in the arena, but then only fans who really support us. I can definitely do without the people who whistle at us because of a failed situation.”


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Sobottka now swears by standing shoulder to shoulder with the spectators – to continue the run in his own stadium under Daniel Thioune (48): “We can only do everything together. I hope that we stand together for the 90 minutes, move forward as a unit. We lost the last home game in February. You can see how strong we are. Nobody likes to come to Düsseldorf. If there are 20,000, 30,000 behind us, it will be difficult for any team.”

After the fivefold injury shock recently, coach Thioune has to rebuild the team on a large scale. Striker Daniel Ginczek (31) will probably not be used again this year, his replacement Rouwen Hennings (35/muscular problems) is threatened, as is captain Andre Hoffmann (29). The two Dutchmen Jordy de Wijs (27) and Jorrit Hendrix (27 / concussion) will very likely be missing on Saturday against Hansa Rostock (8:30 p.m. / Sky).

The chance for the players from the second row. Tim Oberdorf (25), Ao Tanaka (23) and Shinta Appelkamp (21) recently lost their regular places and could now return to the top eleven. Sobottka: “If a player is out, someone else has to fill the place. Those who are behind get their chance now. They should show that they were wrong not to play and are now rightly nominated.”

Sobottka promises: “We will also have a powerful team against Hansa.”

And take away the fans’ reason to whistle…

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