The BCCI had appealed to the Supreme Court in 2019 for several amendments to its constitution, including changes in the rule of cooling off period, the result of which has come after almost three years.

Ganguly-Shah will remain the boss of BCCI, what about the cooling off period?  Read what SC said

Jay Shah and Sourav Ganguly took over the work of BCCI in October 2019.

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Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) President Sourav Ganguly and Secretary Jay Shah’s wish has been fulfilled. The way has been cleared for both of them to remain the bosses of the Indian Cricket Board for the next three years as well. The decision of the Supreme Court has finally come on the appeal filed about three years ago regarding the change in the constitution of BCCI. The Supreme Court has allowed BCCI to amend its constitution, which includes the tenure and tenure of board officials. cooling off period The old rules of the BCCI have been relaxed and can now remain in the BCCI or the State Cricket Association for 6 consecutive years.

On this matter stuck in the Supreme Court for nearly three years, the top court on Wednesday 14 September gave its final verdict in this matter. The court accepted the appeal of the BCCI and put its stamp on the amendments proposed by the board regarding the tenure. Due to this, it has been decided to continue with Ganguly and Shah for another three years in their respective posts with immediate effect.

What was the tenure-cooling off rule?

After the corruption cases in BCCI, the Supreme Court-appointed Lodha committee prepared a new constitution of the board. The Supreme Court accepted this constitution in 2019 with some changes. Under this, no office bearer can hold any post or different posts for more than 6 consecutive years (two terms of 3-3 years). This included 6 years in the state association or BCCI or 6 years in combination. After this it was mandatory to go on a cooling off period of 3 years.

BCCI’s appeal, Supreme Court’s decision

In October 2019, Ganguly and Shah took over the board after the elections and in December the BCCI appealed to the Supreme Court for amendments to this provision, including some other rules. The board had said that it is not right to mix the terms of the state association and BCCI together. In return, permission was sought to remain in the state for six consecutive years or in the BCCI for six consecutive years at a time.

The Supreme Court has now approved this and office-bearers in the state or BCCI can continue in any one post for two consecutive terms. However, after this a cooling off period of 3 years has to be completed.

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Tenure will be available for 12 consecutive years

Not only this, after this decision of the Supreme Court, any person can hold any post in the state and BCCI for 12 consecutive years. That is, if a person completes a tenure of 6 consecutive years (2 terms) in a post in the state, even after that he can take part in the elections of BCCI, where he can remain for two consecutive terms. That is, after 6 years the rule of cooling off will be applicable only in the case of that particular association or board.

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