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Sham Mastani has happened by getting close to you
Sham Mastani is made with a little smile
The four hundred souls were covered in strange silence
The evening has become due to your humming
You came out covered with stars as soon as you fell on the shore
Shikare Jaggamgana has become evening Mastani
The fragrance of devotion embedded in the veins
After coming to the third room, it is evening Mastani
The darkness of Udaasi bin covered everything
Sham Mastani has happened by showing your face
As soon as you step into the party, the scales are raised
It is evening by lifting the bell
Come to the city together in our memory
Evening Mastani is done by decorating a full party
All the problems were forgotten when they went to Makde
Sham Mastani is caused by the breaking of Surahi
Tri was in the embrace of the hour in which I slept unconsciously
Sham Mastani has happened by waking up by sounding
Sometimes coming to our grave in desolate nights
Sham Mastani has taken place by offering tri chador
Your pen went like this in the familiar desert
Sham Mastani is made by feeding the flowers of Sukh

Parvez Manus
Natipora Srinagar
Mobile Number; 9622937142

Since when did you get your eyes?
The heart is stealing every few glances

Now don’t talk or complain, are you looking at me?
Since when do you move your lips?

May you, my friend, be safe
So wherever you stay, don’t be sad

Raise your eyelids, what are you doing?
You shot arrows and we ate the arrows

There is no wish or longing in a colorless life
Tell us where I live!!!

This is my desire, I am your desire
Show me your Eid look

Poet Mir Mushtaq
So, Anantnag

The garden is fragrant with the bells of the antlers
Every bud is blessed with the bell of the anklet

Jan-e-Jan cried a lot when I told him
How much the heart loves the jingle of anklets

The monkey does not know the taste of ginger
Therefore, he is tired of the jingle of anklets

Although my eyes can see, but not mine
It sounds like the jingle of the anklet

The one who was in the ICU for a while, that too
He became aware of the bell of the anklet

He was a master of art, he said in a dream
Meer is also an artist with ankle bells

Today, the sound of that quality is missing
Looks sick with ankle jingle

I know it is my own universe
In fact, he is awakened by the jingle of anklets

Syed Murtaza Bismal
Pir Mohalla Shangs Islamabad
Mobile Number; 6005901367

Extinguish and burn the heart, but now stay together
To suffer like this forever, but now to be together

Neither adopt nor reject, reject whatever you want
To repeat what they used to do, but now to stay together

Love has always been doomed to destruction
May regret but stay together now

There is neither the flow of love, nor the harvest of eternity
There is no measure but to be together now

Surrender, destroy us, destroy us again
Do what you have to do, but stay together now

Spring does not return, which buds cannot be found
So pick a fork, but stay together now

Even in the journey of love, we have made mistakes
Suffering from punishments but staying together now

There was also the closeness of Ezra, there was also, there was two
It was possible to heal, but now to stay together

Ezra Hakak
Nohta, Srinagar, Kashmir

A lot of time has passed in the search of the world
Now remember God, there are many excuses
Ahl-e-Bizm laughed well even for remaining silent
I said no
In the storms of migration, not only the bird was robbed
Even the ruined branch of the flower became a shelter
He did not get relief for a moment
The person who was crazy about Sam Wizer
A dream of confusion woke me up
This time there was a lot of noise at night
The blame is not found only in Arzoo
Dil Ashna was hit hard
Understand yourself, Arif, who has been robbed by everyone
In the same way, the treasury became empty

Javed Arif
Shopian Kashmir
Mobile Number; 7006800298

The happiness that was found yesterday is not today
There is no cure for my grief
The world of the heart is different
Why is no one’s heart ruled?
We remember your kindness
Convoys are not memories
How quickly the weather changes
Seasons have no mood
There is disloyalty among people today
There is no society that laughs
Every joy is taken away from him
There is no tribute to the branch
By joining hands, work is done
Joining hands is not customary anymore
The mood has changed now
There is no grain in the house
I am deeply amazed at the human race
No more modesty now
People meet only by means
It is not the same mood as Shaheen

Rifat Asia Shaheen
Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
Mobile Number; 9515605015

I neither ask for money nor your love
Just keep waiting for you

Sometimes of dreams, sometimes of thoughts
I just keep hunting you

Hit the heart or give joy in the heart
Still I count on you

So Jam-ul-fat-pla or Jam-i-farqat
Of course, I will continue to do it according to your will

This is my parting gift
Still I trust you

It is not possible to get rid of you, my dear
I keep doing the same thing

That’s all the lover wants from you
I wish there would be a riot in the street

Arif Hussain Ishq
Talib Darulhadi Panganur