Everyone worries about their future and this worry gets worse after retirement. Everyone invests in a pension scheme to run a living family, today we will give you a similar pension scheme We are going to tell you about which investment is low and returns are high.

By investing Rs 4000, you can get Rs 50,000 pension.

According to MK Gandhi, Financial Planner and Head of Tax Exports, if you link NPS, National Pension Scheme to secure your future at an early age, then you can get more benefits. Investing in NPS will be beneficial for you if you are working at a young age. If you invest ₹4000 every month under NPS, then after retirement you will be given ₹40,628 per month. On the other hand, if you deposit ₹ 50,000 annually under this scheme, then on retirement you will get ₹ 51,000 monthly.

How to get monthly pension of ₹ 50,000!

For example

If you join NPS at the age of 25, then till your retirement age of 60 years i.e. 35 years, you will have to deposit Rs 4000 every month under the National Pension Scheme.

A total of 16.80 lakhs will be invested by you in these 35 years. According to the current interest rate, assuming 8% interest on the total deposit amount on the NPS scheme, then the total copper will be Rs 91.17 lakh. Out of this, if you buy an annuity with 80 percent of the amount, then this amount will be around Rs 73 lakh.

If the return is 8%, then after the age of 60, you will be given about 49 thousand rupees every month as a pension. If this interest rate increases or decreases by 8%, then the pension amount may also increase or decrease. The interest rate of NPS ranges from 8% to 12%.

Who will get the benefit of NPS scheme?

Anyone who does a job is a salaried person can take advantage of this scheme, for this their age should be between 18 to 60 years.

Who will be the NPS Fund Manager?

If we talk about the fund manager in NPS, then it will be the responsibility of the registered pension fund manager of the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority. At present 8 fund managers are working under it.

Those taking advantage of this scheme will have the freedom to choose their fund manager.

This is the fund manager

1. Birla Sun Life Pension Management Limited
2. HDFC Pension Management Company Limited
3. SBI Pension Fund Private Limited
4. ICICI Prudential Pension Fund Manager Company Limited
5. Indira Pension Fund Limited
6. Reliance Capital Pension Fund Limited
7. LIC Pension Fund Limited
8. UTI Retirement Solutions Limited

Where to open NPS account

The government has made public and private banks as well as common service centers as a project for the NPS scheme. You can open an NPS account by visiting any nearest bank branch or common service center.

Documents required to open NPS account

If you want to take advantage of this service then you must have the following documents

tenth degree
address proof
Aadhar card

With the help of these documents, you can take advantage of the NPS scheme.

There are two types of accounts under the NPS scheme.

1st Tier 1It is necessary to open Tier 1 account whereas Tier 2 account can be opened by any Tier 1 girl. The entire fund cannot be withdrawn in Tier 1 account before 7 years. Tier 2 You can invest or withdraw funds as per your wish in the account.

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