Government’s responsibility to comfort victims – The Kashmir News

The most important institution in modern times, indeed the mother of all institutions, is the state. It covers all the functions of collectivism and forms the basis of the modern international system. One of the important functions of the state is to maintain a balance between the different sections of the society and distribute the available resources in a fair and efficient manner. Jurisprudence does this, it is said to be successful, and if it fails to do so, it loses legitimacy in the eyes of the people. A natural and logical extension of the same work is to help those who for some reason are embroiled in a financial or other crisis. This is the reason why states all over the world announce packages and schemes for those sections of the society who have faced man-made or natural disasters. In all such situations, whether it is a storm, earthquake, flood or fire, people expect the government officials to come to their rescue. Aid and relief to the victims of natural calamities is the responsibility of the government. Such government initiatives should always be recognized and welcomed. Although we appreciate the officials concerned for taking such steps, they also need to direct their staff to ensure that the aid reaches the truly deserving families without any delay. In this process, officials should also consider the self-esteem of the people receiving this assistance. These people are already destroyed before the loss and we should not violate their respect by moving files from one table to another. Help should not come at the cost of human dignity but it is desirable to help while maintaining the dignity of the victims. It is necessary that the people connected with the administration do not care about the distress of the people affected by windstorm, snowstorm, fire or any other sudden calamity. Don’t think of charity but consider it as your duty and when this duty is considered then definitely assistance to the victims can be ensured with utmost confidentiality and their rehabilitation cannot be delayed. People affected by calamities are not only forced to struggle for token government assistance of a few thousand rupees from the State Disaster Response Fund, but they are also asked for bribes, which is very sad. From the present democratic state. This kind of behavior cannot be expected because today’s state is accountable and subject to discipline. People connected with the government are the total parts of the same state When the total parts perform their mandated responsibilities in the right direction, the journey of the state will also continue in the right direction, but when the same parts of the total lose their way and forget the values ​​and connect the aid of the needy with their personal interests, the fantastic fantasy of history. The building is settled in the imagination of the people, it starts to fall apart and thus a gulf or rift is created between the state and the subjects which will cause immense problems in the future. It can be hoped that the state will fulfill its responsibilities. The post will be removed from the post and will not only be in the forefront for the subjects or their people, but it will also be ensured that the backward sections of the subjects and the victims and beneficiaries of sudden calamities are given immediate and full assistance so that they can restore their self-respect. Do not spread your hands in front of others while trampling with your own hands.