Shin bone fracture! |

HSV Dane Magaard is out for a long time

The bad fears have come true!

The HSV handball players have to do without their Danish newcomer Andreas Magaard (23) for at least six weeks!

Cracking of the left tibial plateau!

Andreas Magaard hobbled out after 21 minutes of the 27:30 defeat in Kassel against MT Melsungen. Previously, MT attacker Andre Gomes fell in the leg after his throw. On Friday, the Danish circle runner went to the Asklepios Clinic for an MRI scan. Lucky in disguise: all ligaments survived the knee crash intact.

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But there won’t be a return before November. The new team doctor Prof. Dr. Michael Hoffmann: “After the follow-up examination next week, we can say more precisely how long Andreas is likely to be out.”

Leif Tissier, Casper Mortensen and physio Matthias Bludau (from left) accompany Andreas Magaard (2nd from left) from the field

Leif Tissier, Casper Mortensen and physio Matthias Bludau (from left) accompany Andreas Magaard (2nd from left) from the field

Photo: Fishing4 / Thorge Huter

Magaard now has to immobilize his leg completely, moving on crutches for the time being. “It was a hard hit to my knee,” says Magaard. “Fortunately, I’m not in much pain. When I got the diagnosis, I was relieved because I had feared worse. But of course I’m sad and it’s frustrating. I had such a good feeling in Melsungen. What a shit…”

He can’t help HSV, now he needs help himself. The knee must not get any pressure. “The waiting is the worst. And that I can’t help my team,” says Magaard, who hands over the work to flatmate Frederik Bo Andersen (23) at home. WG cook Magaard: “Bo will help me if I need help. But now he has to do everything at home. Cooking, maybe even helping me put on my socks…”

HSV will miss Magaard, already on Sunday in the home game against GWD Minden (4:05 p.m., Barclays Arena) – in defense and attack.

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After all, captain Niklas Weller (29) returns after his suspension. Thore Feit (19), who made his comeback in Melsungen after a long illness, will have to replace Magaard.

“We have to keep a cool head,” coach Torsten Jansen (45) draws his lessons from the avoidable MT defeat. “We tripped ourselves during the game. We have to be patient and disciplined against Minden. We must not invite them to goals.”

Because the 2007 world champion is convinced that GWD Minden can do one thing: “You can fight relegation and you know what is important.”

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