Bollywood’s drama queen has left boldness and is now seen in normal dress, what is the reason for this? perhaps Love. Which she is doing with business man Adil Khan Durrani. Rakhi got failure in love every time. But this time she does not want to leave any stone unturned to take this relationship from her side to the destination. Hence the burqa for Rakhi Adil. Hijab. Everything is ready to wear. Rakhi herself has revealed that she herself has revealed that Adil and his family do not like to wear glamorous clothes. That’s why I have started keeping Rakhi covering myself. She is now seen in simple clothes.Also Read – Video: Urvashi Rautela apologizes to Rishabh Pant, fans were also surprised to see the actress joining hands

Rakhi said that she does not want Adil or his family members to be hurt by any of his actions. So he is happy to do so. Also Read – Mona Singh will raise her voice against domestic violence, ‘Ek Chup’ is the story of women’s pain during lockdown

Rakhi Sawant’s Boyfriend Adil on Her Clothes

At the same time, when Adil was talked about this, he said that Rakhi used to wear strange short clothes, I have asked her to wear just the right clothes. I have not asked her to wear hijab or burqa but if I have joined Rakhi, it does not mean that I should forget my religion. I come from Muslim background. I want to see this too. Also Read – Raveena Tandon jumped into the debate on social media, ‘Take back our Kohinoor’, posted the video

People do not want Adil to marry Rakhi
In an interview with Siddharth Kannan, Adil was asked when will he tell in his house that Rakhi is going to be his wife. To this Adil said, ‘It will happen very soon.’ At the same time, Rakhi cut the matter and said that ‘I would like to say something. There are many Muslims in the film industry. Didn’t they get married… Did the names of those girls not come up? Doesn’t she do item songs? I come from another background.

If we get married tomorrow then who I am should not affect my family. Now her sister is about to get married, so people are telling her that if Rakhi Sawant is brought as a daughter-in-law, then who will marry your sister. What is all this… Am I a terrorist? Why would his sister have to bear all this because of me? Relationships come from above.

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