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Fashion Mecca East Berlin

If the GDR is dealt with in the film, it is usually about the Wall, the Cold War, spies and scandals. “In a country that no longer exists”, on the other hand, shows the little-known fashion world of the East. But it doesn’t work entirely without the Stasi…

Story: Out of the dream of studying – only because of George Orwell. Student Suzie (Marlene Burow, 22) is caught with Orwell’s book “1984” and has to go to prison. Her good looks gave her advantages in the last months of the GDR’s existence. Suzie is discovered as a model. And of course she quickly falls for the rough charm of photographer Coyote (David Schütter, 31). However, the Stasi is breathing down their necks. Will the budding model follow her heart west?

Director and author Aelrun Goette (56) cleverly plays with the genres. What initially sounds like a romantic TV comedy sometimes develops into a Stasi thriller or a satire on the East German fashion world. (Yes, there were.)

With Jördis Triebel (44), Sabin Tambrea (37) and Claudia Michelsen (53) heavily cast down to the supporting roles, “In a country that no longer exists” is very entertaining. The film never drifts too far into more serious topics of its time.

Conclusion: Fast GDR fashion love romance with a dash of Stasi and a lot of joie de vivre.

(100 min./FSK: from 12 years)

Photo: BILD

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