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Umar Farooq

Some sentences are apparently very attractive and charming. These sentences are so charming that even good people fall into their trap and advertise them without caring about the consequences. In these sentences. “Humanity is the greatest religion” is also included. After all, is this the religion of humanity? When did it begin? Who is its creator? Is it a disgrace? Do the people and the elite understand the same meaning of this sentence or do they have different interpretations? Let’s try to solve these questions.
You will be surprised to know that “Religion of humanity” is a separate religion, which was founded by August Comte, who is considered the founder of sociology. It is said about Komte (m. 1857) that he was an atheist at first. Later he felt that today the world needs a new religion, under the guidance of whose rules and regulations people can live their lives in a good way. For this, he founded this new “Religion of Humanity”. The basic beliefs of this religion include that “Humanity is God and there is no God but him”. He worshiped him. They have regular places of worship in Brazil and France. According to the principles of this religion, a person has to live for others and be a concern for other people. Comete has himself in his life all of this religion. Komte also created an official calendar, in which every date of the year was attributed to a great scientist, philosopher or poet of the world. The effect of his ideas is It happened that America and Europe m Various organizations and associations came into existence in the name of humanity. It is also related to Comte that he was also influenced by the thoughts of a French writer Clotilde de Vaux and only after her death, he founded the religion of humanity. .
As Muslims, what is our disagreement with him now? Let’s try to understand. Those who say, “In the religion of God is Islam.” (Al-Imran: 19) Islam is the religion of such and such a person is accepted from him.
“And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted by him, and such a person will be among the losers in the Hereafter.” (Al-Imran: 85)
Those who believe in such verses, firstly, it is not permissible for them to adopt any religion other than Islam or to advocate and promote it knowingly or unknowingly. Secondly, hearing such sentences from their language. This is a proof of their short-sighted knowledge, which we will examine briefly later on. It should always be kept fresh in mind that whenever common people talk about humanity or say that humanity is the greatest religion. By this, they mean different types of morals. That is, according to them, humanity is the name of morality and high human values. Like a person should help others, save someone’s life, feed someone who is hungry, tell the truth, tell the truth. Give support, protect faith, benefit others regardless of religion and creed, etc. But those who deliberately accept this religion of humanity, it is as if they leave Islam and become followers of a new religion. Now they They worship this self-made god of humanity instead of Almighty God.
If the religion of humanism is the name of morality, then I say this without fear and doubt that there was no second to the moral system of Islam, nor is there nor will be. Thanks to the Almighty, the rate of the president has been achieved. If the name of service to parents is humanity, then tell me in which religion of the world, apart from Islam, it is forbidden to do even in front of parents? (Surah Bani Israel: 23) Or Paradise is said to be under the mother’s feet (Kanzal-Amal: 45456) or father is said to be the gate of Paradise (Tirmidhi: 1899) and the source of God’s pleasure. If humanity is the name of respect for humanity or the sanctity of human life, then tell me. Apart from Islam, in which religion is the killing of a human being called the killing of all humanity? Has the glad tidings of Paradise been announced? Han has also spread his auspicious wreath for Shima.
These claimants of humanity are still active in differentiating between black and white. Here, on the call of the black-skinned Bilal, all the rich and poor, small and great companions, including the Prophet, used to gather in the mosque in such a way that no one A servant would be a servant and not a servant. On the contrary, the example of scolding a thief, Kotwal, is the same people who teach us humanity, on whom the verse is true: “Smell blood comes from the legends of this nation”.
In the same way, if the believers of the religion of humanity want to place it in a higher place than human values, then if someone asks the claimants of this religion, even if you have gone to beautify the world, you should tell us which one you have. There is a family, economic, social, cultural, educational, defense, agricultural and legal system, in which color you want to paint this world? Or your family system also ends up at the old age home? Or you too Do you want to implement such an education system in which even after twenty years of continuous mental training, the child is not able to draw the line between right and wrong? Or you want to push the world into the same cruel system of capitalism and communism. Do you intend to create people with cruel and hypocritical traits like “drinking blood and teaching equality” in the words of Iqbal? Or do you intend to create a society in which Darwin’s scientific theory By implementing survival in practical life, the blood of every weak person should be sucked and all the ways of his development should be blocked? So for us, this idol of your self-carved fresh God of humanity has no attraction. In the end, for fear of length, I will limit myself to presenting a few verses from Surah Mudassar so that all the debts of the priests of humanity can be paid at the same time. In the verses 42, 43, 44, 45 of this Surah, it is stated that in the Hereafter, the people of Paradise will ask the people of Hell, “Why did you fall into Hellfire?” They will say three things: 1) We did not pray. 2) They did not feed the poor. 3) And they used to deny the truth by joining with the people of falsehood. That is, they did not fulfill the rights of Allah, nor the rights of the servants, nor did they consider their own rights.
Considering these three verses, it becomes clear that Islam raises a human being to fulfill all kinds of rights. And if one does not fulfill all these rights, then no one can stop him from becoming the fuel of hell. The right of the creator is not to bow down to anyone else and there is no service to humanity more than introducing the creator of the universe. The right of the servants is to help them in times of need. Efforts should be made to get them out of their difficulties, and the right of one’s self is not to make oneself worthy of divine punishment for denying the right or concealing the right. All these rights are ultimately merged in the rights of Allah. This principle of the religion of humanity to live only for others is an impractical idea. It is obvious that when a person does not feel any benefit in any work for himself, he does not maintain his commitment to this idea for a long time. It has been a fraud in the name of humanity and it will continue to happen in the future. We should not be fooled by such deceptive slogans. And don’t use these seemingly bright but inwardly darker sentences than Genghis without research. Finally, we pray to Allah Almighty that:
May Allah grant us the right and the truth, and protect us from falsehood and falsehood
“O Allah, show us the right to the truth and grant us the opportunity to accept it and show us the falsehood to be false and grant us the opportunity to avoid it.”
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