Indian space agency ISRO is developing an “intelligent” geostationary communication satellite that can be reconfigured by changing frequency and bandwidth according to the demand profile of users. Geosynchronous satellites serve India’s communication needs in diverse fields including telecommunications, television broadcasting, satellite news gathering, social applications, weather forecasting, disaster warning and search and rescue operations, a top official informed today. ISRO chairman S Somnath told reporters here that we are also looking at some intelligent geosynchronous satellites (GSATs) in the coming years that we will be able to reposition, and demand. will reproduce on the basis of It’s already a topic of discussion on our design front. He was speaking to the media following the nationwide launch of Hughes Communications’ high-throughput satellite broadband service. will allow shaping of the spot beam according to the demand of the customers, the targets, the high power radio signals sent by the satellite and the antenna receiving the beam. Since the coverage for the spot beam The area is smaller, so there is less risk of interference with other transmissions using the same frequency or interference by third parties. will be able to shape the beams or change the frequency or even change the bandwidth according to the demand profile on the ground.

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