Not only this, people tagged the film’s producer Karan Johar on social media and asked about the story of the film, to which the producer gave a befitting reply and also told about the story. The user asked Karan Johar that ‘Tell me how that ashram was secret if his address was also available on Google Map?’. Also, the user further asked that based on this logic, the film has earned 300 crores? Is this Indian creativity?’.

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Karan Johar, while retweeting this user’s tweet, wrote in response, ‘Guru was also living like other common people in the real world. No one knew that he was the leader of Brahmansh. That their own house is the house of weapons’. Karan Johar further wrote ‘So this is how his home address was apparently available on Google Maps in this real world.’ This tweet of Karan Johar is becoming increasingly viral, on which some users are supporting him, while some are asking more questions related to the film to Karan. One user writes that ‘the whole film was right, but what was the role of Alia, she understood please?’

At the same time, a user wrote, ‘Alia has spoken only Shiva-Shiva 5000 times in the entire film, why were she not given more dialogues?’. At the same time, another user writes that ‘all is well, but when everyone had weapons in the film, why did they fight with guns’. Apart from Alia-Ranbir, Amitabh Bachchan, Mouni Rai, Nagarjuna and Dipal Kapadia are seen in this film. The film was released in theaters on 9 September.

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