Sometimes when milk is not boiled properly, it cracks. After the milk bursts, we immediately filter the solid part i.e. paneer and throw away the water. Do you know that cheese water is also rich in nutrients. Would you like to know how to use whey water? After knowing this, you will start using it not as a kitchen waste element, but as a kitchen best element. Research suggests that it is rich in many essential nutrients.

What does research say

The team of Veena Nagaraj, B Surendranath, A Pushpadas conducted research on paneer water in the year 2017. According to this research, when paneer water was frozen in the form of curd, it had low fat and protein content, but high lactose and mineral content. This research was also published in ResearchGate.

According to a research paper published in PubMed Central, in the year 1901, paneer water was given to typhoid patients in the hospital lawn. Although the patient’s condition improved, the research could not explain how much the cheese water contributed to the improvement of health.

Nutrients present in boiled milk water

According to the US Department of Agriculture, the water in cheese contains carbohydrates (4.8 percent), protein (0.8 percent) and fat (0.3 percent) in liquid form. Water is 93 percent present in it. Apart from these, many micronutrients potassium, calcium, phosphorous and zinc are present.

Here are 5 ways to use spilled milk water

1 in a smoothie or milk-based drink

We use milk to prepare some smoothies. If you use paneer water instead of milk, the smoothie will be just as healthy and tasty.

2 sattu drinks

We often use lemon juice or curd while preparing black gram sattu drink. Sometimes you use paneer water instead of lemon juice or curd. This drink will make you feel different tastes.

Poured milk water can also be used in drinks prepared from sattu. Image: Shutterstock

in 3 vegetable curries

You are making curry curry and your milk has burst. Instead of throwing this water, put it in the vegetable. The gravy prepared with this will not only be thick, but the taste will also be different.

4 while kneading the dough

If you are kneading multigrain dough, then knead the dough with this lukewarm water. Very soft and white dough will be ready. It can also be used in plain flour.

5 Use of paneer water in place of milk

If you drink this water instead of milk, it will make you feel full for a long time.

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