People believe that if the theaters are empty then how is the film earning so much. The name of some celebs is also included in this list in which the name of Kangana Ranaut, Vivek Agnihotri is at the top, but now another name has also been added to it and that of KRK.

KRK, who describes himself as a critic, has once again started targeting celebs after leaving the jail. This time he has quipped about Ranbir Alia’s film ‘Brahmastra’.

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KRK tweeted about the collection of ‘Brahmastra’, ‘Theatres are empty, but still the film Brahmastra is doing bumper business because aliens from Jupiter and Mars are coming to earth to watch this movie and unfortunately people Can’t see aliens sitting in theaters.

Earlier, KRK had tweeted about the review of ‘Brahmastra’. He wrote, ‘I did not review the film Brahmastra, yet people did not go to the theater to see it. So it has become a disaster. Hope Karan Johar and many more Bollywood people don’t blame me for the failure.

Along with this, Kangana Ranaut has targeted the B film. Kangana has criticized the success of producer Karan Johar and his recent production Brahmastra. The actor also questioned how the success of Brahmastra can be compared to ‘The Kashmir Files’, which was made with a very low budget.

He further wrote, ‘On Monday, Brahmastra emerged as the biggest box office hit of 2022 with a worldwide collection of Rs 360 crore. So far, The Kashmir Files has earned Rs 340 crore. There is a difference of land and sky in the budget of both the films.

Kangana wrote, ‘An attempt is being made to demean ‘The Kashmir Files’, a film on Hindu genocide, to make my film look bigger. Now according to Mafia Minions, Karan Johar’s film has beaten The Kashmir Files badly. Karan Johar ji what are you guys!’ After writing this, Kangana also put a laughing emoji.

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