LPG Price check, LPG prices, LPG prices hiked, LPG gas rate for domestic gas price hiked again in Delhi and cross rupees 1000 marked in Delhi. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the rising price of LPG gas cylinders in Delhi and different states of India so to get the details about LPG gas and other government policies and scheme follow our website for better results. The price of LPG gas increased by 7.8% in April and it is based on retail inflation. it is the highest price observed since May 2014.

The price of LPG gas has gone to Rs 1003 from Rs 809 last year.

As Per the notice from today the price of an LPG cylinder of 14.2Kg will be available in Delhi and Mumbai for Rs 1003, and similarly In Kolkata for Rs 1023; and in Chennai, it may cost up to Rs 1018.5.

The price of domestic LPG cylinder as per the notice of May 19 are mentioned below

Delhi Rs 1003
Mumbai Rs 1003
Kolkata Rs 1029
Chennai Rs 1018.5

Recently on May 7 the price of the gas was height by rupees 50 as well. due to which the cylinder cost crossed 1000-mark in many cities of India barring the national capital. how I was after today’s hike Delhi also cross the mark. sources we came to know that the price of domestic LPG cylinders in Delhi has gone up to Rs 1003 from Rs 809. which is very high.

The price of commercial cylinder is also too expensive.

as per the sources on 19 kg LPG cylinder is now being sold for rupees 2354 in Delhi similarly 2454 in Kolkata and 2306 in Mumbai and 2507 in Chennai as well earlier in the month of the price of commercial LPG cylinder has increased by Rs 102.50 to 2,355.50 in the last year, mostly this 19 kg LPG cylinder is mostly used by hotels and restaurants and the maximum use of cylinder cost increase in price on May 1st as for the sources. the rate of the commercial cylinder has repeatedly gone up by rupees 750.
the price of LPG cylinders is seen at a time when the price index-based retail inflation grew at 7.8% in April. it is measured as the highest price sales in 2014 by the government. cause of increasing price in LPG cylinder is charge in transportation cost due to hike in fuel prices too. as we know the price of furious increasing day by day in India so the price of LPG cylinder is increasing too. LPG Price check , LPG Price check , LPG prices hiked , LPG gas Rate

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