In the year 2021, a video of Malaika Arora became very viral in which she is doing a duck walk trick, after which people were trolled. Recently, actor and comedian Maniesh Paul has been seen making fun of Malaika Arora’s duck trick in front of everyone.

Malaika Arora once again made fun of-Manish Paul, who was hosting the show at the time of the Filmfare Awards in 2022, was entertaining the audience and the celebs sitting at the ceremony. During this, he targeted Malaika Arora, although it was just a joke. Maniesh Paul mimicked Malaika’s move in such a way that seeing the video became quite viral on social media, after which once again users are seen making fun of Malaika Arora and making strange comments.

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It is seen in this video that Manish Paul is seen talking to Malaika Arora. Manish asks the actress, have you ever played golf? Malaika replied saying, ‘No, I haven’t played golf’.

At the same time, Manish tells Malaika Arora that ‘since the golf field has been waiting for you’. Saying this Manish Paul imitates Malaika’s duck trick. Seeing this, Malaika Arora laughs a lot and says, ‘Show it again’. After this act of Manish, everyone present there laughs a lot.

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After this Manish imitates dogs and says that even dogs become so happy when you are with them. They say that the way you tell the dogs (by pointing to pat), we cannot do it, do we have fungus? Everyone present there laughs a lot on this act of Manish.

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