In our busy routine, we forget to take care of ourselves. Due to this many diseases make our body their home. One such disease is obesity. We do not know what we do to reduce obesity. Sometimes some herbs and sometimes some home remedies. But even then the weight is not able to be reduced. The reason is to adopt the wrong method of weight loss. Then who can tell the right way to lose weight? Obviously our doctors and experts, apart from those people who themselves have lost weight. Such people can become your inspiration as well as yourself. No need to go anywhere else to find them. OnlyMyHealth brings to you a special series called ‘Fat to Fit’. In this series, we are sharing the journey of such people who have lost weight in the right way and their tips can be useful for you. Today’s story is of Meena Rao, who has lost about 15 kgs in a span of 7 months. Know his story.

weight loss journey

tried everything for weight loss

Meena is a Chartered Accountant by profession. At the age of 35, Meena realized that her weight had suddenly started increasing and she decided to start her weight loss journey. Meena says, “I tried everything to lose weight but none of the methods were working. My cholesterol level started rising and my protein level decreased. People who lose weight are often asked the weight loss mantra. Talking about myself, my weight loss mantra is to eat right food, in right quantity at right time. After reducing the weight, the size of my dressage came down by 2 to 3 points.

I walk 60 minutes a day

Meena said, “In 7 months time I lost about 15 kgs and also reduced by 3 to 4 inches. I was in no hurry to lose weight and that is probably why I did not gain weight again. It is also not that the weight does not increase at all, but by doing regular exercise and taking the right diet, healthy weight is maintained. Talking about exercise, I walk for 45 to 60 minutes every day. I do not miss to walk on a single day except on Sundays. If you are not used to exercising, you can lose weight by just walking.

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The day starts with a healthy breakfast

Seeing Meena’s weight loss transformation, you would also like to know what kind of diet she must have taken to lose weight. Let’s know about Meena’s diet. Meena said, I start the day with 1 glass of cumin water in the morning. I use it in the morning after boiling cumin or soaking it at night. After that I go for a walk. After this I drink 1 glass of protein shake. After that I have breakfast after 1 hour. For breakfast, I opt for curd, fruits, poha, upma, idli, juice with oats. There is absolutely no sugar in these options.

eat healthy food to lose weight

weight loss story meena rao

You can also lose weight by eating delicious food. There are many such healthy dishes, by consuming which the health does not deteriorate and the taste remains intact. Meena also included such options in her diet. Meena said, “At around 11 o’clock, I eat a protein bar or soaked almonds. For food, I take 1 cup of brown rice. Apart from this, I choose options like roti made from 2 multigrain flour, sambar, green vegetables, moong dal, curd and buttermilk. In the evening I eat buttermilk, fruits or raisins. Apart from this, I drink salad made from khakra, makhana salad or coconut water. Dinner includes options like 2 moong dal chilla, multigrain dosa, paneer, tofu and salad.

It is important to eat the right amount

Meena said, “I take special care of the quantity of food. I eat in number of a bowl or two. Like 2 roti or 2 dosa along with 1 bowl of lentils. To lose weight, it is also necessary to consume enough water, so I consume 2 to 3 liters of water every day. Apart from this, there is one meal in a week which is my cheat meat. In it I eat food of my choice. I have stomach problems, so I do not eat citrus fruits, cabbage and bell peppers. Apart from this, I eat everything in the right quantity.

don’t skip meals

Meena said, “In the initial period, whenever I tried to lose weight, I could not follow it for more than 2 months. My Dietician Silky Mahajan Teach me easy diet and exercise tricks that made my weight loss journey easier. Also, you do not need to skip meals. Doing so can make you sick. Sleep on time at night and the habit of getting up early in the morning will also help you in reducing weight.

If you do any work with full dedication, then it is definitely completed. This is also Meena’s weight loss secret. If you want to lose weight, first of all take the help of an expert or coach. We start eating from birth, but only an expert can tell you about the right and wrong food.

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