Military casualties reached 100 in the most bloody conflict

Conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan after the war in 2020
Baku: September 41 (AGENCIES) Military casualties reached 100 in the worst bloody conflict since the 2020 war between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh. The last wave of conflict in the volatile Armenian-populated region of Azerbaijan ended in an ongoing ceasefire brokered by Russia. But on Tuesday, Azerbaijan’s defense ministry said 50 of its soldiers had been killed as a result of heavy provocation by Armenia, while Armenia had previously claimed at least 49 soldiers. Azerbaijan accused Armenia of violating the ceasefire after overnight clashes, raising fears of another deadly war between the arch rivals. Russia said it was approaching a ceasefire after several hours of peace between the two countries, but later, Azerbaijan accused Armenian forces of serious breaches of the agreement. Armenia has appealed for help from world leaders, saying the forces of hostile border country Azerbaijan are trying to advance violence into its territory. A spokesman for Anthony Blanken said Washington would insist on an immediate end to fighting between the warring neighbors and a peaceful resolution of the conflict. French President Emmanuel Macron called on his Azerbaijani counterpart to express his deep concern and urged him to respect the ceasefire agreement. Earlier, the Armenian Prime Minister called French President Emmanuel Macron, Russian President Vladimir Putin, US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken and demanded an appropriate response to Azerbaijan’s aggressive actions. Armenia’s defense ministry said the conflict had reduced since the ceasefire, but the situation along the border remained extremely tense.