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Bilal Ahmed Pare

Suicide means taking one’s life with one’s own hands is a very bad act. This action is morally, socially, legally and religiously wrong and forbidden. It is only called a cowardly act. Different people seem to have different reasons for suicide. Someone ends their life after failing in class 10th or 12th or getting less than expected marks.Someone betrays their life on hearing the news of failure in a competitive exam like NEET, someone rushes to get a job. A man takes his own life because of a loss in business. In the same way, many people end their lives because of failure in love, infidelity of their lover or lover. Sometimes a daughter-in-law gets fed up with her father-in-law’s harsh and bitter attitude and takes this extreme step, and a daughter-in-law or a daughter-in-law takes this evil action on the rebuke of her parents. Sometimes a poor person takes this step. Sometimes a farmer takes his own life due to the loss of water after his year’s hard work. Similarly, in sports, one prefers death rather than losing himself or his team. Therefore, different situations with different people keep coming up regarding such extreme measures.
According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), 700,000 people commit suicide every year in the world, most of whom are young people. In this way, suicide has become the fourth leading cause of death among young people. According to the organization’s report, India ranks 42nd in the global list of suicide-related deaths. The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reports that a total of 1,31,008 suicides occurred in India in 2016, compared to 1,29,887 in 2017, 1,34,516 in 2018, 1,39,123 in 2019 and 1,39,123 in 2020. 1,53,052 people have committed suicide. According to the same report, the number of suicides is increasing every year. It seems that suicide has become a serious problem here.
If seen, a significant number of deaths of young people in the country is due to suicide. Most suicides occur in people between the ages of 15 and 30. Which is 34.4 percent of the total cases of suicide, while this ratio is 31.4 percent among 30 to 45-year-old people.
In terms of profession, the suicide rate among government employees in the year 2020 has been 1.3. Similarly, 1.7 percent among public sector employees, 6.6 percent among private sector organizations, 7 percent among farmers, 8.2 percent among students, 10.2 percent among unemployed and 11.3 percent among private business owners have been recorded.
In terms of states, Maharashtra has the highest (13 percent) suicide rate. This is followed by Tamil Nadu (11%) and Madhya Pradesh (9.5%) respectively. While various causes of suicide have been identified, it has also been found that domestic problems are the main cause with 33.6% of cases. After that, 18 percent due to permanent illness, then 6 percent due to habits like drug and alcohol consumption, 5 percent due to marital problems, 2.3 percent due to unemployment, 1.4 percent due to failure in exams and other minor and major reasons. The reasons are given.
According to NCRB data, 287 incidents of suicide have occurred in Jammu and Kashmir in 2017, while 330 incidents have occurred in 2018, 284 incidents in 2019 and 291 incidents in 2020. According to the recent research of Srinagar Mental Hospital, 45% of people who attempt suicide are suffering from mental illnesses. According to this study, the age of most suicide victims was between 18 and 34 years. It has been further stated in the research that the tendency to commit suicide has been found more in women than in men.
According to a research, eighty-nine (79) percent of the population in urban and rural areas are suffering from depression. According to a study by the international organization Medicine Science Frontiers (MSF), forty-five (45) percent of the population in Kashmir Valley is suffering from psychological problems. Psychiatrist of Kashmir Valley believes that depression, physical stress and drug abuse are the main causes of suicide. According to Dr. Sushil Razdan, a famous neurologist of the valley, like the rest of the world, the number of mental patients is increasing in Jammu and Kashmir. Which can be due to the stress of modern life, education, isolation, nuclear family, drugs, violence etc.
In fact, the religion of Islam offers a complete code of life for humanity, and for humans in general, while for Muslims in particular, a copy of the Holy Quran has been given as a guide. Do it, surely Allah is Merciful to you. And whosoever does this out of arrogance and cruelty, We will soon cast him into the Fire (of Hell), and that is easy for Allah.” (Al-Nisaa: 29-30)
It is an open declaration of Allah that He does not burden a person with more difficulties than he can bear. It is said that “Allah does not put a burden on any person beyond his capacity.” (Al-Baqarah, 286) Commentators of the Qur’an write in the commentary of this verse that the responsibility of a person with Allah is according to his capacity. In terms of On the other hand, Allah Ta’ala gives satisfaction, courage and comfort to his servant that the most difficult time that has happened is not for a long time, but after that there is definitely ease and generosity. Allah Almighty has said, “So the truth is that with every hardship there is ease.” (Al-Sharh: 5)
In this way, the Lord of the worlds gives his servants a new hope of a new dawn through this blessed verse. Islam, ordering the protection of body and soul, has not allowed any person to destroy his own life. There is also a strict prohibition of suicide in the hadiths. The last Prophet of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon him) gave a promise to those who commit suicide, saying: “Whoever commits suicide with an iron will continue to commit suicide with an iron in the fire of Hell until the Day of Resurrection, and whoever Willfully eats poison with the intention of dying, he will continue to eat poison in the fire of Hell forever and ever, and whoever kills himself with that thing will be punished with that thing on the Day of Resurrection. (Sahih Al-Bukhari and Muslim) According to this ruling, a person who commits a terrible and haram act like suicide has been declared deserving of the most severe and painful punishment. Therefore, in order to avoid this haram act, the parents must first of all protect their children. Second, teachers, imams and khatibs should play their positive role in this regard. People suffering from problems should benefit from timely counseling and proper mediation and proper intervention. You should try to save your precious life. You should refer to a psychologist and try to remove mental stress and pressure.
At present, many social and welfare organizations are making efforts to bring awareness in the society about conditions like despair, hopelessness and stress. In which doctors are playing their role regardless of race, caste, religion or border, there is a need to keep in touch with them.
In summary, suicide is an important and critical problem of society, but not insoluble. Let’s pledge that we all will try to end this evil act by being sympathetic and sad for each other.
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