Kaun Banega Crorepati 14: People are very fond of the 14th season of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’. Amitabh Bachchan’s hosting and interesting questions about the show are in a lot of discussion among the fans. There are many such easy questions, which the contestants do not have the answer and they have to leave the game in the middle. KBC 14 is still waiting for its first crorepati, but so far no one has been able to give the right answer to the question of Rs 1 crore. Today we are going to introduce you to such funny questions asked in KBC 14, let’s see whether you are able to answer them correctly or not. You will get the correct answer to all these questions at the end of the news.Also Read – Can you guess the price of this dress of Tamannaah Bhatia? All the designs are handmade, the pictures went viral

1. Who is given the ICC Golden Bells?
Option- A. Stadium, B. Pitch Curator, C. Umpire, D. Instructor Also Read – Good Night Sleep Tight: Sahil Arora won the hearts of fans in the short film on sleepwalking, know where you can watch

2. Who is this mission specialist aboard the STS-87 Columbia Space Shuttle mission launched in 1997?
Option- A. Sunita Williams, B. Anusheh Ansari, C. Sirisha Bandla, D. Kalpana Chawla Also Read – Top 5 Web Series: Must include these five web series in your watchlist, horror-crime as well as boldness

3. If you type an email but don’t send it, it is usually saved in which of the following?
Option- A. Drafts, B. Inbox, C. Sent Items, D. Deleted Emails

4. Which of these chemical elements does not get its name from the celestial body found in our solar system?
Option- A. Cerium, B. Durg, C. Niobium, D. Tellurium

5. Diksha Dagar was among the two women who represented India in the sport at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?
Option- A. Boxing, B. Wrestling, C. Fencing, D. Golf

6. The citizens of which place voted against joining Maharashtra through a plebiscite in 1967?
Option- A. Belagavi, B. Kutch, C. Goa, D. Junagadh

7. In which play of William Shakespeare is India mentioned in a narration by Bassanio?
Option- A. All’s well that ends well, B. Julius Caesar, C. A Comedy of Errors, D. The Merchant of Venice

8. The 15th edition of which of these festivals was organized in Jaipur in March 2022?
Option- A. Agriculture, B. Cinema, C. Handicrafts, D. Literature

9. By what name was Arunachal Pradesh formerly known?
Option- A. United Provinces, B. North-East Frontier Agency, C. Central Provinces, D. North-West Frontier Provinces

10. What is the meaning of ‘ITR’ when you file your tax while using ITR form?
Option- A. Indian Tax Record, B. Income Tax Return, C. Interest and Tax Answer, D. Immediate Tax Refund

Answer- 1. umpire, 2. Kalpana Chawla, 3. draft, 4. niobium, 5. golf, 6. Goa, 7. The Merchant of Venice, 8. Literature, 9. North-East Frontier Agency, 10. Income Tax Return.

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