Paddy harvesting season is in full swing in Kashmir valley and farmers are seen very busy in their fields and threshing floors. This year is the best paddy production in twenty years. He said that our paddy production was 74 quintals per hectare which is expected to be 80 quintals per hectare this year. He said that in the months of June and July. It used to rain 130 mm, but this year, 230 mm rain was recorded during these two months, which led to a better crop. The said director said that earlier when the work of planting paddy fields started, we got Kupwara, Anantnag and Ganderbal. There was a fear of drought in some areas. He said that in view of these conditions, we had made a plan to grow alternative crops, but later with the grace of Allah, everything was fine. The farmers of central Budgam district. His face shows happiness because he says that this year’s paddy crop is quite good. Belonging to Parsabad. A farmer named Ali Muhammad told UNI that this year’s paddy crop is quite good. He said that this year there were rains and sunshine due to which the crop was good and there was no shortage of water. A farmer named Ghulam Ahmed said that this year’s paddy crop is better than expected. He said that this year I will get rice for the whole year from my own field and will not need to buy it from the shop or the ration ghat. He said that a few years ago I used to sell rice from my farm and use it for myself throughout the year, but now, since apple orchards have been planted on several canals of land, due to which I have to buy rice if the harvest is not good. A landowner named Muhammad Hussain said that now agricultural land is being used for commercial purposes due to which people are becoming more and more dependent on outside rice. He said that there was a time when our village The production of rice used to be so much that one or two neighboring villages used to buy rice from us, but today the situation is that we have to buy rice from the ration ghat ourselves. Yes, people are planting apple orchards on agricultural land and have very little land to grow paddy. He said that there are many areas where apple or other fruit orchards are planted on all agricultural land. Nisar Ahmad from Tarkula-Bul area of ​​Patan town of North Kashmir says that we are afraid of at least 25% loss in paddy crop this year. He said that despite this the crop is satisfactory. It was said that we mostly harvest the crops ourselves, but some people take this work from non-local workers. Nisar Ahmed said that our village is famous for the production of good rice and paddy harvesting is the most important work in Kashmir. First it starts in our village. He said that the livelihood of the people of our village depends on it. He said that some people are trade professionals and some are also doing government jobs. The majority are related to zamindari. However, Nisar Ahmed alleged that the government is not paying attention to the construction and development of their villages. He said that the condition of the roads in our villages is very poor. He said that the bridge connecting our village with other villages is under construction for the last fourteen years due to which people are facing various problems. has to

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