Pakeezah’s Bad Dua – The Kashmir News

Irshad Ansari

When we dig a pit for someone, we should also think that we ourselves can fall into that pit.
Pakiza looked at Amal and said, “I thought you were my friend and not my sister, but you told me that I made a mistake by trusting you.”
My best friend in life also told me to “think before making new friends” but I understood that “once a relationship is established from the heart, then it has to be maintained for life”.
Amal was smiling after seeing Pakiza and listening to her words. Pakiza looked at him angrily and said to Amal, “What you have done to me today will surely come back to you tomorrow.” She did not stop after saying this, but started towards the house taking fast steps, but kept crying all the way. She was only sad about how she had failed to make friends.
Pakiza had joined a sewing center after BA and soon befriended Amal. Pakiza used to live with her maternal uncle while Amal was not a sibling with her father, hence the friendship grew strong. They often worked together and left the center together after taking all the classes.
Pakiza was a good girl while Amal was a fighter. Often Pakeezah would explain to her but if she scolded her too, Pakeezah would shut up thinking that maybe she misses her mother, that’s why she does it. Pakeezah befriended her as a good girl but Amal befriended her for some reason because she was having problem in cutting clothes, she decided to stop Pakeezah at her house for an hour on her way and from her. He will learn what he does not understand.
For the past two months, Pakiza started going to Amal’s house after taking permission from her maternal uncle so that she could solve the problem of a friend like her sister.
But he did not know that Amal called him to his house just to trap him.
Amal’s cousin used to come to Amal’s house for a week when Pakiza and Amal reached home and Pakiza was telling him something or the other.
Pakiza told her several times that if her father is not at home, then she should forbid her cousin not to come to her house when we are alone.
But Amal satisfied Pakiza by saying that he is like my brother. How can I stop it? “
For a few days Pakiza noticed that Amal’s cousin Adil was looking at her with strange eyes.
He would have tried to finish his work with Amal immediately and go home.
Today, when she started to leave, Adil set the limit. He held Pakeezah’s hand and said, “I like you very much. I feel bad that you are ignoring me.”
Pakeezah explained a lot to him, but when he did not agree, Pakeezah slapped him on the face.
Adil caressed his mouth and said, “I will definitely take revenge from you.”
Pakiza immediately went to Amal who had gone to the kitchen to prepare something.
And when he told Amal the whole thing, Amal said, “You have misunderstood, my cousin is not like that.”
She did not agree even when told by Pakeezah. Pakiza decides that she will not come to Amal’s house now
On the second day, after taking all the classes, Amal asked Pakeezah to go with her, but she flatly refused.
Despite Amal’s strong insistence, Pakiza did not go with him.
A month had passed since that.
Everything was normal. Pakiza had told her maternal uncle that when this happened, her maternal uncle also forbade her from going to Amal’s house.
But today, when the center got out late and Pakiza was waiting for the car, Amal came to her and said.
“Please forgive me, Pakeezah. I don’t want to end my friendship with you. Come with me to my house today, my father was also asking. When I told them the whole thing, they said, I will call my friend home and clear his misunderstanding. “
Pakiza did not want to go with him, but when Amal mentioned her father, she went with him.
And when she reached her house with Amal, Amal immediately closed the door and asked her to go to the room, Pa Keeza said, “Where is your father?”
Amal started smiling. At the same time, Adil came to her and held her by the arm and said, “You can’t escape from me today.”
Pakiza begged Amal to save her from Adil, but she was not listening.
When Pakiza saw that Adil was not leaving her, she bit Adil’s hand hard.
And when Adil’s grip was loosened, she immediately freed herself from him and ran away, and while going out, she closed the gate from outside.
She reached home with difficulty but thanked her Lord that her honor was preserved.
After that Pakiza ended her friendship with Amal.
But a few days later, when Pakiza was sitting at home sewing clothes, her friend came to her with a newspaper in which Amal’s picture was printed and in which it was reported that Amal had committed suicide.
Pakeezah became very depressed and started thinking that when we humans are thinking bad of someone, we forget that something like this can happen to us too, but at that moment we think of ourselves as superior and forget the Lord.
And this is our biggest mistake.
Pakeezah did not curse Amal, but the tears that came out of her eyes, the pain that she felt, those tears and her sighs reached the Throne, then they came as curses in Amal’s way. Thus, Amal was punished for what he did, so before doing evil or wronging someone, you must think that you too can fall into the mill of this pain and cruelty, because the Lord loves all His servants and He does not do wrong. Does not like those.
The pit that Amal had dug for Pakeezah fell into that pit today. In the same way, someone called her assuring her of his love and then blew her honor which she could not bear and embraced death like suicide.
Because she could not bear this pain. Therefore, before doing bad things to others, think whether you will be able to bear such pain or not and instead of giving yourself to someone’s curse, improve your actions so that you can avoid someone’s sigh and have a better life. To live a life in which there is peace.
When you do good, you will be good and if you do bad, be prepared to be bad with yourself.
Saadatganj, Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh