Not only this, the people living in the houses around her did not even know that when the actress gave up her life, when there was no movement in her house and the smell of turmeric was everywhere. When he started camping, the door of his house was opened and everyone was stunned to see his condition. It is said that his last rites were performed by film director Mahesh Bhatt.

The actress was suffering from mental illness

His name was associated with Mahesh Bhatt from the beginning. It is said that Mahesh Bhatt, who was already married, fell in love with Parveer Babi in the year 1977. He had even expressed his love for the actress and lived with her for a long time in the same house in which the actress died, but Parveen Babi’s illness took her away from her. Parveen Babi had a mental illness named Schizophrenia.

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The actress had become a victim of many diseases
Along with this, he also had diabetes and foot disease ‘Gangreen’, due to which his kidney and many parts of the body stopped working and he had to even use the will chair at home. She was scared of people. He was starting to threaten everyone’s life. He had stopped socializing with people, due to which he had to live alone in his last days.

Actress’s house is ready for sale

On the other hand, if we talk about Parveen Babi’s house, then this flat of hers is in a very beautiful location of Mumbai. Located on the 7th floor, this actress’s flat gives a very beautiful view of the sea at Juhu Beach. According to the news, this flat of Parveen Babi is ready for sale. Not only this, it is being told that this house can also be rented. It is being sold for Rs 15 crore and if someone wants it on rent, then Rs 4 lakh a month is being asked for.

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