Poems – The Kashmir News

Why is it effective?

That effect has been placed in the sound of the bubbling of this fireplace
The world has kept itself captive in love
Rivers flowing from fields, butterflies flying on flowers
He has a unique flair for everything
Ahlul Khurd tried him whenever he wanted
Each individual has created an image of authenticity
The people of jinn are burning with the shine of every particle
Every Shaheen has respected his ancestors
Every land has been bright with your choices
The commentary of each field has been written by the pen
It seems that Sohail will get something else for Hussain Chaman
Allah has also delayed the acceptance of dua

Sohail Ahmed
Doda repair

Tales of torture

Your blood has frozen from the inside
May that power rain from the journey of your pen
May your pen be so strong that you become like an oyster
Quench the thirst of the desert with the ocean of your knowledge
This silence and this loneliness are your friends
The whole place will be surprised by your news
Why do you often sit on the couch?
Even the stars get light from your glance
May the smiles of your guardians be eternal
Flowers of happiness also bloom from your own house
Kinship is hurt here
Remove all doubts from your liver
Become a leader and let everyone know the truth
May this crown of reverence never come off your head
Flawless. So refreshing and refreshing
What will the entity say to you, get out of this fear
Write your own destiny with your own pen
Nooreen everyone got from your door
God bless your character forever
That even the stony heart melts with the effect of your tone
You have a thousand doubts about this Rashid
It is not possible for him to remove you from his liver

Rashid Ashraf
Keralapura, Chadora

Kudos to the teachers

You are the beacon of light in the darkness
You are the intellectuals of the nation
Eradicates ignorance
You are such a sword of knowledge and skill
You are our master in the knowledge and art of the river
And you are the rudder of the ship of wisdom
Let us never stray from the straight path
You are every time you find a way to show
It is not possible that your favor will be returned
You deserve respect
Qamar, holding the finger of those whose destinations meet
He is your guide and friend

Imran Qamar
Rukanpur, Shikohabad, Uttar Pradesh
mobile number; 8920472523