Not only this, this time Prakash Jha even told Bollywood stars ‘gutkha sellers’. Actually, for the promotion of his film, Prakash Jha gave his interview to a news portal, during which he talked about Bollywood stars and films from ‘Boycott Bollywood’. During the interview, the actor said that ‘Bollywood stars are busy selling gutkha’.

During the interview, Prakash Jha said that ‘the stars are not making any difference due to the flop of the films. The condition of Bollywood is going on since last 6 months. I can’t understand the way the audience is reacting to the films. The director further said that ‘Our stars are selling gutkha these days. When they get free time, they make a remix or a ridiculous film.

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This interview of Prakash Jha is becoming increasingly viral. Prakash Jha further says in the interview that ‘At least 5 to 6 films have flopped this year, but even after this they are not making any difference. You see what kind of education we are giving, all the big stars are selling gutkha. Prakash Jha further said that ‘Producers and content creators have also started feeling that due to big stars, they can make their films a hit. The film industry now needs to think seriously about this.

At the same time, Prakash Jha further said about Bollywood actors that ‘actors should also understand that people have made them stars and one day these people will drown them’. He said that ‘Bollywood people are not coming up with a good story now, while the South industry is constantly experimenting. Apart from South, it is the same in regional films like Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali which entice the audience. Whoever is the director, producer, writer who gives good stories in Bollywood, no one asks them ‘.

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