PHE Daily Wagers staged protests in Srinagar and Jammu for their demands. The protesters have warned the government to release the salaries of the employees by the 13th of this month, otherwise there will be a lockout strike from September 14. He further said that despite the assurances, the jobs of the daily wagers are not being made permanent. UNI Urdu correspondent said that the PHE daily wagers held a protest demonstration in Srinagar’s Press Colony on Monday. And shouted slogans against the administration. During the conversation with the reporters, the president of the Daily Wager Union said that the salaries of the PHE employees have been stopped for the last six months, due to which it has reached the point of starvation. He said that PHE Daily Wager is in a state of bankruptcy, but nothing is being done regarding the payment of salaries by the administration. So there will be a lock-down strike in the entire valley from September 14. He further said that we do not want a conflict, but if the government If the promises made to them are not implemented, then they will be forced to come to the streets. They said that the government had assured to make the jobs of the daily wage earners permanent, but after several months passed. Despite this, it was not implemented. The President said that we want to solve all the problems in a peaceful way, but no attention is being paid to solving the legitimate problems of the employees. In this protest program, many other departments Jat daily wagers also participated. Meanwhile, a large number of PHE daily wagers in Jammu also staged protest demonstrations and dharna. But it has not been implemented till date. He said that in other states of the country, daily wages are paid to the employees every month, but in Jammu and Kashmir, this law is not being implemented. He further added. He said that until the government takes a decision to make the jobs of PHE daily wage workers permanent, our peaceful struggle will continue.

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