Ration Card 2022 List Check , new ration card list food security plan And under the public distribution system, it is given to the poor and economically weak family at a low cost. to the beneficiary ration card issue So that they can get ration from the ration shop without any hassle. Along with this, the ration card is also verified from time to time, so that the ineligible will be issued Ration card can be cancelled. If your name is canceled in the ration card list, then you will not be considered as a beneficiary under the ration card and you will not be given free ration, in such a situation, you must check the list by ensuring your eligibility under the ration card scheme.

if you a ration card holder have you or Ration Card 2022 List Check To get the application submitted, then you should check the New Ration Card List. You can check the list from your mobile or computer sitting at home. But most people do not know about it. So here we are telling very easy ways how to see the complete list of ration card. so let’s start.

Ration Card New List 2022 Overview

Article Qcar Ration Card New List
department Food & Logistics Department
the gain Ration for all
purpose low daProviding ration to me
application Of beginning all year
last date No limits
official website http://fcs.gov.in
ration card registration Nearest C.S.C. in the center

How to check your name in ration card new list 2022?

  • Step-1, Visit the website nfsa.gov.in

To check your name in the new list of ration card, first of all, we have to go to the official website of Food Safety ie NFSA. For this, search by typing nfsa.gov.in in the Google search box or click on the direct link given here. Through this you will be able to go directly to the NFSA website.

  • Step-2, Select Ration Card

After opening the official website of the Department of Fertilizers, you will see different options on the screen. We have to see our name in the new list of ration card, so here in the menu Ration Card Select the option. After this select the Ration Card Details on State Portals option.

  • Step-3, Select your state name

In the next state you will see the name of all the states of India on the screen. Find here the name of the state you are from. After getting the name of your state, select it.

  • Step-4, Select your district name

Select the name of your state, after that the state food portal of that state will open. Here the name of all the districts falling under that state will appear on the screen. In this you have to search the name of your district and select it.

  • Step-5, Select your block name

After selecting the name of your district, the list of all the blocks falling under it will appear on the screen. In this you have to find the name of your block and select it.

  • Step-6, Select the name of your Gram Panchayat

After selecting the name of your blog, the list of all the Gram Panchayats under it will appear on the screen. To see whose name has appeared in the new list of ration card, you have to search the name of your panchayat and select it.

  • Step-7, Select the type of ration card

After selecting the name of the gram panchayat, the name of the ration shopkeeper operating in that panchayat and the type of ration card will appear. Select the ration card you want to do in your name in the new list.

  • Step-8, Check the name in the new list of ration card

The complete list of the ration card that you will select under your Gram Panchayat will open on the screen. Where Ration Card ID, Ration Card Holder Name, Father/Husband Name will appear. Here you can check whose name has appeared in the new list of ration card.

  • Step-9, Check the details of the members

Along with the ration card details the details of the members will also appear below. In this you can see how many members of your family are named in the ration card.

In this way we can see the Sehri region of Bihar. ration card list can check online. Has your name appeared in this list, do let us know in the comment box below.

How to make online complaint for ration card Bihar?

  • If Ration card If you have any problem or complaint related to this, you can register online. Its facility is also available on the official website of the Department of Fertilizers.
  • To register a complaint online, first of all visit sfc.Bihar.gov.in. After this in the section of consumer info submit Grievance Select the option.
  • After that fill all the options given to register the complaint. Along with this you can also submit documents. filling all the details Register Do it. After registering the complaint, you can also check its status. even for consumer info in section Know Grievance Get Status option. Grievance after that Registration ID You can check the status by entering.

NOTE Ration Card New List Check

Village Panchayat ration card list bihar 2022 new list The complete information about how to check it step by step has been told in this article. You will be able to check Urban and Gram Panchayat Ration Card List online very easily. If you face any problem in checking the ration card list or have any question related to it, then feel free to ask us in the comment box below. And friends, if this type of breaking news reaches you first, then you stay connected with this article of ours.

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FAQ Ration Card 2022 New Update

What to do if the name is not in the ration card list?

If the name is not in the ration card list then you have to apply through the prescribed process. You can submit the application through online or offline mode.

✔️ How to add name in ration card list?

The prescribed application form has to be filled to add the name in the ration card list. After this, photocopies of all the necessary documents will also have to be given. After this, according to the eligibility, your name will also be added to the ration card list.

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