For generations, children have loved the Indian hero Winnetou, created by Karl May (1842-1912). But now the Apache chief is threatening to disappear into the eternal hunting grounds because of the Woke madness.

Of the Ravensburger Verlag quickly moved its book to the new one Winnetou film “The Young Chief Winnetou” (running since August 11) out of circulation – and other Winnetou titles at the same time. Bookstores can no longer order the titles. Reason: racism allegations by left-wing activists on the Internet. Thanks to the censorship posse, our childhood hero just ends up at the stake!

The book for the film

The book for the film “The Young Chief Winnetou”. The Ravensburger publishing house took it off the market – after criticism from the left-wing scene

Photo: Ravensburger

Bundestag Vice Wolfgang Kubicki (70, FDP): “If we show consideration every time someone feels culturally overwhelmed by dreadlocks or harmless children’s book stories, at some point we will no longer be able to stop being considerate.”

Christoph Ploß (37, CDU) said it was “completely absurd that even Winnetou, with whom whole generations in Germany grew up as a role model, should now be cancelled.”

Union parliamentary group leader Ulrich Lange (53, CSU): “This development is increasingly absurd – nobody understands that anymore!”

Mika Ullritz (as a young Winnetou) and Milo Haaf as the child friend

Mika Ullritz (as a young Winnetou) and Milo Haaf as the child friend “Tom Silver” can currently be seen in the cinema

Photo: -/dpa

Philipp Amthor (29, CDU): “I have no sympathy for the fact that grumpy spoilsports are now making child hero Winnetou mad.”

The ex-director of the Hohenschönhausen Stasi memorial, Hubertus Knabe (63), is appalled: “It reminds me of the days of Stalinism, when Winnetou books were only available secretly.”

Ravensburger boss Clemens Maier (51) counters this, saying “that in view of the historical reality, the oppression of the indigenous population, a romanticizing picture with many clichés is being drawn here.”

But German Winnetou stars are also outraged.

► Uschi Glas (Half-Blood Apanatschi): “In the films and the novels there are good and bad. They have white or red skin. It depicts real life. One should stop trying to find a reason to complain about something here by hook or by crook.”

Acting legend Uschi Glas

Acting legend Uschi Glas


► Hella Brice (69) sees her husband’s life’s work soiled: “I have seen how much the stories convey values ​​such as peace, camaraderie, equality, tolerance and charity. That’s what dear Pierre lived in all his decades.”

And Bad Segeberg’s Karl May Games boss Ute Thienel makes it clear that Winnetou is “not a historical figure and not a cliché, but an ideal image”.

After all: The book published by the original Karl May publishing house for the new Winnetou film remains on the market. Publishing boss Bernhard Schmid (60): “We remain steadfast.”

The Ravensburger publishing house – millions of copies in German living rooms

Ravensburger Verlag (around 2,400 employees, annual sales of 636 million euros last year) is an institution (founded in 1883). Generations love his books, board games and puzzles.

Also published by Ravensburger: Maleficent

Also published by Ravensburger: Maleficent

Photo: Ravensburger

The game “Journey around the Earth” was published as early as 1884. Around 1900, picture books, children’s books and handicraft literature were added. Above all, there are numerous board games with the distinctive “blue corner” (since 1974) in living rooms and children’s rooms.

The most successful games include “The Crazy Labyrinth” (1986, six million copies sold), “Scotland Yard” (1983, then “Game of the Year”) and “Lotti Karotti” (2001, over eight million copies sold) .

Ravensburger boss: Clemens Maier

Ravensburger boss: Clemens Maier

Photo: picture alliance/dpa

Particularly successful with children’s books: folding books for small children (e.g.: “Everything that has wheels”).

Today Ravensburger is managed by Clemens Maier (51, great-grandson of founder Otto Maier).

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