Second end – The Kashmir News

Raja Yusuf

My eyes crawled over the random headlines of the newspaper and suddenly stopped at a small piece of news.
“Tomorrow is Holi.” After reading so much, I suddenly had a strong feeling in my mind. The eyes were fixed on the newspaper, but the lines of the text were getting confused with each other. The words seemed to be confused with each other, there was a fog in front of the eyes, and in the fog, red halos were being formed, which were rotating with great speed. The red halos were slowly opening up, taking the mind to the mists of the distant past where I was a child. The fog was gradually clearing and the images of the deteriorating mirages of my childhood were emerging. Which were opening layer by layer.
No matter how bright life is like beautiful highways or attractive like bustling bazaars or colorful with the hustle and bustle, but those childhood dusty streets, bumpy paths and dirt-covered courtyards are the mind of a human being. keeps cutting across the screen. Playing with friends, playing pranks and fighting. Crying after losing and being happy after winning. All those joys. All those sorrows seem to dance around the same dusty streets and rutted trails.
My habits were similar to those of normal children. doing mischief Dirty clothes while playing with friends. Despite my mother’s bath, dressing and scolding, I used to misbehave again and play with the same boys whom my mother forbade me to play with. Mother often said.
“Don’t play with these boys. They are filthy, their parents are vile.”
But my misfortune, that I have always been unable to understand what good is this high and low. At first I thought that Neech might refer to a dwarf man, but later I was proved wrong because the father of one of my colleagues, Hari, was only a couple of inches taller than my father. Well, I rarely think about what I don’t understand. Due to being scolded a lot, I avoided meeting my friends for a while, but I could not stay away from Ram Lal’s daughter Mohini even if I tried. Not knowing what was wrong with Mohini, I used to be drawn towards Mohini’s house, but before reaching the garden, my mother would come because I had to go to school as well. That’s why the compulsion to go to school was always a hindrance to my dreams. After taking a bath and dressing in his school uniform, he would stifle the sobs that arose in his heart and go to school with a heart. A holiday used to be a bigger day for me than Holi. I used to reach Mohini’s house with a smile on my lips and a bouquet of joys in my hands. We both used to play eyeballs in their small rough garden. Climbing trees. Cut small branches. Break their leaves. Making flower garlands. This was the whole day’s work.
Yesterday was Holi holiday so I was running towards Mohini’s house with sickle in hand. As soon as I reached the courtyard, I called Mohini and she came out of the house floating on clouds. His handsome face looked drunk. We both started running towards the garden. I was very happy. He also had to tell about the Holi holiday. As soon as we reached the garden, we sat under the walnut tree. I told her the good news and she started clapping loudly. Then we planned the program for tomorrow how only we two will play Holi here.
After a lot of talking we played eye to eye for a long time and then I got a sickle and climbed a small walnut tree and started cutting its leaves. It was spring and the walnuts on the branches were still small. Mohini was collecting leaves below. Walnut leaves are used by girls to clean their teeth and chewing them gives a chocolate-like color to the gums and lips. White teeth look like pearls when opening colored lips. Therefore, women and young girls use these leaves instead of datun.
While striking a sickle on a branch, the sickle suddenly slipped from my hand and a terrible scream hit my ears. When I looked down, blood was boiling like a fountain from the head of the estuary and was washing the roots of the tree. Darkness appeared in front of my eyes. While trying to come down from the tree while shouting, a branch entered my eye due to which I was half blinded. Then I fell down from the tree and fainted. When I regained consciousness, I found myself in a clean hospital bed. Mohini had gone away from me forever. Police patrols started. Partly due to my lack of hearing, partly due to my Pataji’s influence and most of all due to the courtesy of Mohini’s parents, the case ended.
No matter how much a person grows up and becomes a big man. No matter how much his life changes, but there are some memories that remain in his mind and heart. Mohini was not only alive in my memories but she is always living with me as a part of my evil.
Suddenly a terrible scream startled me. The talisman of my dreams was shattered and the screams of children hit my ears. I threw the newspaper aside. He started running outside with bare feet. Screams were constantly shaking the air and in a thousandth of a second my hearing determined the destination. My steps automatically rose towards the sound. I ran towards the walnut grove behind the house and was shocked to see the scene there. Many children were running in a circle. As soon as I reached them, I was stunned by the sight I saw. My head started spinning. My daughter Munu was in my wife’s lap. As I saw more than half of the sickle penetrated into Manu’s head, darkness began to cover my eyes. Blood gushed up like a fountain and was playing Holi with my wife’s clothes. My wife was pointing the sickle at me with tears in her eyes. Maybe she was saying something to me but I did not have enough courage to remove the sickle from my daughter’s head.
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