Ragini MMS 2 fame actress Sandhya Mridul: Actress Sandhya Mridul is one of those actresses of the film industry who had to face body shaming many times on social media. People used to make many types of comments on his looks, which were recently revealed by Sandhya Mridul. Sandhya told in one of her posts that people used to tell her, ‘You look vampish, man is not your body, look a little more sexy, you put it.’ He had to hear many such things about his body. Sandhya Mridul not only took the veil of body shaming but also many dark secrets of the film industry, which often struggling actresses have to face.Also Read – Madhuri Dixit Photos: New pictures of Madhuri Dixit created a ruckus, even at the age of 55, the Dhak Dhak girl stunned everyone!

Sandhya Mridul gets taunted

47-year-old Sandhya Mridul told in her post that a filmmaker objected to her breast size for casting her in the film. She said, ‘I felt that I will not change my body for you, tomorrow you will come and say change your nose. I will not. Somebody told me ‘You don’t have boobs, sorry’. I have been called! For a film I was told ‘we love you but we need big boobs for your character’. I told him that it is okay give me a breast pad.’ Also Read – Special Freeview Of R Balki’s ‘Chup’ Housefull In 10 Minutes! Sunny Deol created ‘Gadar’

Work done wearing breast pads

In her post, actress Sandhya Mridul unabashedly admitted that she wore breast pads for ‘Page 3’ (2005) and ‘Ragini MMS 2’ (2014). The actress said, ‘Page 3’ I wore (breast) pads for some scenes. For a character like ‘Ragini MMS’, you can suggest me to wear breast pads and work. But you can’t ask me to get a boob job. Sandhya Mridul further said, “I have heard many things like ‘You are not ready to go out’, ‘Let’s drink beer’.” Also Read – Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal’s wedding card is unique, 90s romance will be seen

faced financial crisis

The actress further said, ‘There were many reasons due to which I did not work much. I have tried my best not to work for money. I have gone through phases where I was in a very bad financial position, but I still haven’t bowed down. Let us tell you that in the year 2017, Sandhya Mridul had revealed that she is facing financial crunch due to lack of work. The actress said, that time was really bad. I didn’t see myself in the commercial side as well, the kind of work I wanted was not getting done.

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