Team India had scored 208 runs in front of Australia and despite the poor bowling, made some chances against the Australian batsmen, which could not be capitalized.

Team India forgot the 'basics' of cricket, same mistake 3 times, then how will the fleet cross?

Rohit Sharma was very upset with the fielding of Team India during the match.

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When any cricketer is asked that in his game or in the performance of the team, one thing is taken care of the most, then one answer is – Basics. That is, the most fundamentals of the game. Watching the ball and playing it is the ‘basics’ of batting. In bowling, it is the ‘basics’ to bowl according to the correct line-length and fielding. Similarly, there are ‘basics’ of fielding, in which catching the catch in hand is the most basic requirement along with stopping the ball. Australia in the first T20 match against team india Forgot this ‘basic’ thing.

Even before reaching the final of the Asia Cup, questions were raised about the preparations for the T20 World Cup in front of Team India, who was out. A month before their first match in the World Cup, Team India got a chance to prepare against the world champions Australia, but like the Asia Cup, at the very beginning of this preparation, instead of getting answers to different questions, new concerns arose.

Good batting, poor fielding

Generally in T20, the team batting in the second innings gets the lead. The same thing happened in the match between India and Australia. Team India batted first and made a huge score of 208 runs. Whatever the circumstances, achieving this score is not easy. Along with good batting, it can be made possible with the help of very poor bowling and even worse fielding and Team India fully helped Australia on both these fronts.

Those who left, they only boil

The Indian team dropped two very easy and one slightly difficult catches during Australia’s innings and this proved to be the time for Team India. First of all, in the eighth over, Axar Patel dropped the catch of Cameron Green at midwicket off Hardik Pandya’s ball. At that time Green’s score was 42 runs in 20 balls. He was finally dismissed after scoring 61 runs in 30 balls. Then in the very next over, KL Rahul dropped Steve Smith’s catch at long off on Axar’s ball. Then Smith scored 19 runs in 15 balls and then returned to the pavilion after scoring 35 runs in 24 balls.

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In the end, Matthew Wade, who created the ruckus, also got a chance. In the 18th over, the second ball of Harshal Patel was hit hard by Wade back towards the bowler. Harshal put his hand, but could not take this difficult catch. Then 24 runs in 15 balls came off Wade’s bat. He remained frozen till the end and scored 45 not out in just 21 balls and returned after winning the team. That is, the Indian team did not bowl very well to defend the score of 208, but still created opportunities, which the fielders could not capitalize on.

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