The presence of bears and cubs created panic in the posh areas of Jawahar Nagar, Rajbagh and Lal Mandi of the city.

A civilian was injured in the bear attack. People stay indoors and don’t try to come out, wildlife team is engaged in search operation
Panic spread in the posh areas of Srinagar, Jawahar Nagar Rajbagh and Lal Mandi as people stayed in their homes, while Rechni and her cub were seen roaming in these areas at midnight. The wildlife department confirmed this and said that the bear had also injured a civilian and a massive operation was launched to find him. According to reports, people have been imprisoned in their homes due to the presence of bear and its cubs in Jawahar Nagar, Rajbagh and Lal Mandi areas of Srinagar. It is learned that a bear was seen in Lal Mandi Srinagar which attacked a watchman posted in a private school, injuring him seriously. 40-year-old Fayaz Ahmed Butt, resident of Haba Kadal, was attacked by a bear, causing him serious injury. It should be clear that following the presence of the bear and its cubs in the posh areas of Jawahar Nagar and Rajbagh between Saturday and Sunday, the Srinagar Police issued an advisory asking people to stay at home. He said that Rechni and her child were seen in Rajbagh and its surrounding areas, in view of which people are advised not to come out of their homes. contact them. Immediately a senior officer posted in the police station. Wildlife Department told the news agency. Told that many teams are engaged in the search operation to catch the bear and its cub. He said that the people of the surrounding areas were asked to stay in their homes and till the bear is not caught, people should be careful while stepping out of their homes as bears can be in many places and mostly such May be in place which can last for a long time. stay free for a long time.