There are ample sources of employment in the sheep farming industry.

Special attention is being given to this sector. lieutenant governor
Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha has said that cattle industry is being promoted in the UT as there are enough sources of employment in this industry, but this sector has been neglected by the previous governments due to which sheep rearing has been neglected. Is. is not developed. He said that this industry is now being promoted in Jammu and Kashmir under central schemes. At a function held at SKICC, the Lt Governor announced that the Union Territory government would construct 1000 sheds for the cattle of the tribal community. 1500 Self Help Groups will provide financial assistance of Rs 1 lakh each. He further said that 50 S. The sets for which the support groups will get Rs.3.00 lakh each. Highlighted the reforms undertaken to modernize and promote and strengthen the business activities and production of the sector providing livelihood to about 1.2 lakh families in the Union Territory. J&K has the highest per capita income. The consumption of mutton/goat meat in the country is privileged and hence we import about 40% of our requirements from other states to meet this huge demand. Lt Governor Manoj Sinha inaugurated a workshop on ‘New Horizons in Sheep and Goat Farming in Tribal Community: Challenges and Opportunities’ at SKICC here today. Addressing the demands and problems of the tribal community, the Lieutenant Governor made the announcement. Will the Union Territory Government construct 1000 sheds for tribal community cattle The Lieutenant Governor further announced that the Department of Tribal Affairs will provide financial assistance of Rs 1 lakh to 1500 self-help groups for wool cutting machines and skill training. He said that 50 S. Support groups will get Rs 3.00 lakh for a gin set and a solar-based sharing machine for “Dhok”. Government will bring this scheme and provide insurance cover to cattle.